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RE: Do You Want a 50/50 Circle Jerk or a 25/75 Circle Jerk..?

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but I don't think it changes anything meaningful it just changes

Upvote for this :)

Steem(it) mindset = economy of redistribution = everyone become equal = equally poor

This cycle has repeated countless times.

Until those few realize that they need to attract real money and let the best authors thrive, there is nothing that can help.
(Note: the best authors are not even registered to Steemit...)

The greatest blunt, RT joined Steemit, and Steemit is not capable to make a buzz out of it?!

I mean, censor-free platform for independent media, recognized by one of the most influential .... with XXX... viewers in YYY countries.

Is it so difficult to make a clear message for media (for example) and a decent landing page?


Well I only half agree. We don't need great authors. Social Media is about networking and friends.

There are NO successful models of Authors Sites.

It is about connecting people with people.

We agree on every other point.

Hmm, Patreon, Youtube, Twitch, these are all super successful "author sites". It's obviously not what they're called, but at the end of the day, that's what they are.

It's a bit different from social media ie Facebook or Twitter, but of these two types, Steem is more the former. Best example is, we make posts on Steem, but hang out on discord. A Status update or tweet style post is generally referred to as a shit post here. It's all about the UI/UX. I think Steem COULD do this, but we haven't really yet :/ I think it would work best with an SMT to be honest though, so that the faucet sites aren't full of "tweets" They aren't really designed for that.

We don't need Authors. We need networkers and creators. :)

Is Angela Lansbury still kicking? Murder Shteem Wrote anyone ?

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Lol even if JK Rowling exclusively published her next Harry Potter book or EL James published 50 shades on steemit it wouldn’t do tits to move the needle! We’re a well kept secret for a reason! Poor marketing and poor user experience! I am hoping the steem alliance will make this the first point of order

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I’ve expressed similar sentiments since i arrived. Well kept secret is a very very kind way to put it. All this talk of tens of thousands of daily users yet I feel like an elite steemian if I earn a dollar, and for good reason. That’s quite a minority, even rarer a wild homesteader
that organically became a minnow in just a few months. That’s seriously one in a million, and his model cannot be followed as it’s a niche market. However this does show potential to develop communities. We shall see where the alliance takes the torch...

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