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For the past 12 hours, I have been feeling like a car that has a missing vital part.

I have only been able to take out time to know what is wrong by just brooding over it. Nonetheless, I had a deep sleep this morning. A slumber that repaired me a bit. So, the morning came and I'm back to a new day!!!

I have been living alone for about 2 years now. It has been fun, not all the time though. Diminishing finances is one of the scariest thing that can ever befall a bachelor. it suddenly turns you into a philosopher, if care is not taken, you start entertaining unnecessary thoughts like august visitors when all they need is rude eviction.

I do believe , no matter how rich you are, you face some bearish trends in your finances, every once in a while if only you pay enough attention. Sometimes, it seems like paying attention to one's finances at a close range doesn't exactly help with emotional stability, most especially when you are not a salary earner.

All the same, we all engage in this threshold monitoring where you only get bothered when your liquid net-worth reaches a certain amount, or rather, we only get bothered when the expected income begins to diminish. Same reason why I built to check my weekly steem wages. I have not updated it in a while though. I did some projects that took my time.

Three months to the end of the year and here I am, still myself but I have evolved greatly. I am still in the refinery though, trying to cure myself of some impurities, we all have these impurities. Don't we?
If I should sum up all I have learned these year, here is what it'll be:
-I have learnt to drive the wheel of my life with only one hand so God can help me re-steering when I am steering wrongly. Sometimes, I think we drive with so much rigidity that when God tries to help, he just can't.

  • I have also learnt to stick by the rules and understand that every time spent AWOL is time wasted, one that needs to be paid for. I live by certain rules that has worked for me. Nevertheless, it is only human that when you achieve breakthrough by any of these methods , we stray away slowly until we discover we are being prodigal and then need a home-retrace which always work.
  • I have also learnt to realize no one has an excuse to not chase their dream. Dreams are men-makers. If you are not made, then trying dreaming.

I probably learnt much more but I really can not remember right now.

As the year goes to an end , I hope to learn more (without pain) and make more financially, spiritually and socially

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Amen to learning without pain! You are doing great love...many have lost focus permanently..keep doing what you do..we love you as you are.



Thank You for the love. ☺️. Blushing...

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