Sylheti poem I would like to tell good evil. Europa Nasha Alam Muhammad.

in busy •  last year

Go to Europe, in Fuya beautiful wife tuka
Fifty-six-and-a-half-year-old hidden hide
Khanna is tall, fair, below the age of sixteen
At the age of his age, the people who have been caught

Charitarka kilaa curry khoyahtalata koya
If you look at the skin, do not let the fu
Buying at Narayangi Bireong took a lot of buyers
After the Khaydan, the heart of the stroller is in the other room.

The horse's buff, brother Bairdar tinano tinoya kila
Nasha uropar khan fast enough to file.
Kita khare hino habit khilan kita
There are many people who do not like to read in the greedy and Ita.

Occupation but Ilan Nai Bhai is a standard person
Honeyao Bia Din is not a leopard.
But there are also many fayeen asians but bala
Do not waste the life of a life of dirty food.

Let's see who is Rarea Bia Shadi
The happiness runs peace in the family, they are just killed.
Desi or foreign foreign occa bia darah
I used to eat food and drink only Fuin Furin.

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