He wrote me a poem

in #busy3 years ago


So I posted this picture this morning, and guess what? he wrote me a poem to compliment the picture.

See the post here

Here is the poem...
Slowly, I strolled amidst thoughts buzzing through my mind
I walked passed a crew of beautiful ladies and checked my hind
Hoola...I noticed a lady in black gown
Her weavon was well made and seemed like she wore a crown
Her smiles was likened to a well designed embroidery
Nah!...I can't let go of such a Lady
I sat close to her and literarily tickled her, She loves my joke
I was amazed at her stunning look...She is @adejoke16

From @mickyscofield
I think its beautiful, I feel like a queen, I appreciate it, thank you.


Hmm you and my friend enh...it is well o. Let me sha be watching from afar...

Beautiful poem i must say.

Bring your chair closer 😀😀

grabs popcorn with ginger limo drink.

I had no idea she would make a post about it
I so loved her dressing

@adejoke16 is really classy. She loves good thing and that poem is really beautiful for her to keep to herself.

Its beautiful

I know right 😊 thank you.

This @mickyscofied😏 i went to IBB you follow, i went to Geography dept, you followed, anyway i go you follow, Ah! better leave my @adejoke16 for me ooo😠. Better go find another place to write your poem.

@olawalium come and see this man oo, @iconnelly is the poem on your page?? 😲

He needs divine intervention. 😂😂

@iconnelly My guy no worry, nothing do you...I am watching over her for you😀😀😀
How come you rushed to drop a comment here self? Monitoring spirit don infest you join???

Him own pass monitoring spirit o. Adejoke sef reject am.

All this bad belle will not let our love blow. @olawalium go back to exile. @mickyscofied watch from 10km away. Dont come close. @adejoke16 I will see you in the other room.

You were the one knocked down by life's element and it is a welcomed relief for everyone, from your erratic emotions.

Exiled? Looks like the elements that knocked you down has messed with your thinking. I post 4 times a day!. What were you saying again? You mean WhatsApp? HAHAHAHA i only speak with those who matter there. Enjoy your knock down. #picksrace

Oops!!! She made it a post
Thanks @adejoke16
I know @iconnelly will go after me now

You are welcome anytime dear, don't mind @iconnelly

Awwnnn..Thanks dear
Hope you will be at SIN 2 come October at Abuja?

You are welcome, I'll try to attend, not sure yet.

Dont worry I have made her reservations.....
My baby can not come stress through road.

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