in busy •  11 months ago  (edited)

Going through my phone gallery, and see what I found


Pictures of @empressmabe birthday get together, and decided to save it on the blockchain, it more than just the pictures, the memories are just too priceless.
I travel down to Lagos to celebrate with her.




Thanks for viewing, cheers

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Wow!!!....So this post was made less than 20 minutes ago but I spent 27 minutes staring at the pictures. Lol!
You look stunningly beautiful
I could actually write a poem from those lovely pictures


Awwn.. Am blushing 😊
I would love to read the poem, thank you dear.


Here is the poem...
Slowly, I strolled amidst thoughts buzzing through my mind
I walked passed a crew of beautiful ladies and checked my hind
Hoola...I noticed a lady in black gown
Her weavon was well made and seemed like she wore a crown
Her smiles was likened to a well designed embroidery
Nah!...I can't let go of such a Lady
I sat close to her and literarily tickled her, She loves my joke
I was amazed at her stunning look...She is @adejoke16