Cute Twins! 😍

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First pic in the series of cute twins 😍
Best friends & buddies to stay forever!!

I would like to thank my fellow Steemians who has been part of my journey in exploring this fast growing community.

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They're just a cutiiiie :) :) :) Can I have the other one? Hehehe :)

thanks!! 😊
i don't think either of them would be happy with the thought of being separated! i would prefer to keep them together 😊

HAHAHAHA!!!! :D :D Yeah, right. Can I just have them both instead? HAHA.. Just kidding.. :D :D But they're really so cuuuute :) How old are they?

These are not the authors dogs, and not even the authors photos. As you can see in his comments he is trying to pretend they are which is deceptive and unfair to the original artist that took the photo but got no credit. @abhisteem13 is plagerizer and spammer. #steemitabuse #steemcleaners @steemcleaners. Here is a link to the post they stole it from.

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No, ha ha. More like a screeching cat--or perhaps robot.

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so cute! Now I miss my puppies

I love dogs and these pupies are so cute😍

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