Transparency, Authenticity and the Corporate World

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Story Behind

I am about to move to cologne and I started looking for a job to support myself. I looked at the living prices over there and I was shocked. In India, I could support myself with my Crypto money, and the money I made working for Organizations, but over here, it’s quite different. I need about 1000€ just for living, monthly! It’s crazy how much that is compared to India. And guess what? This applies for the “lowest” district of cologne. I never lived in a city, so I guess this is what it feels like financially. Nevertheless, I feel that this is the right move. I already met up with my new roommate, and she seems like an awesome person.

Corporate Fakers

Whenever I think of applying for a “real” job I get an itchy feeling. Whenever I think of those corporate people I think of unauthenticity and showing off a fake self. Whenever I think of these things, I think that I’m not allowed to be my true self. Why does this sound like a suppressing atmosphere for me? Why are people so fearful of losing their job? Can’t we all work together instead of against each other?

Hence why I don’t want to work for someone that doesn’t support natural human behavior or emotion. I don’t want to be like a computer or machine. I wonder if companies can be successful in practicing transparency and authenticity?
I know that all this depends on the company’s structure, model and culture. I guess there are a lot of start-ups and “fresh” companies out there that don’t want to practice these behaviors. Let’s see If I can find a job like that!


Everything boils down to listening to your gut during the interview, I guess. If I can feel bad energy flowing around, I don’t get the job. I get one where it feels good!

The end goal is creating my own space where I lead by example. I want to create a culture where everything is allowed. No fakeness, pure transparency, and authenticity. Side note: I don’t want to become a cult leader, lol.

What did you experience working for other people or in the corporate world?



Best wishes! Follow your gut! I have nothing to offer when it comes to 9-5 gigs as I've never had the office type of job.. Had all kinds of other work but not corporate ladder stuff..

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Thank you mate! I've been to the office before, but not from 9-5... let's see how that works out and how long I can sustain it hehe. Maybe I can find something where I also have some free time to work on my side hustle. Let's see :)

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I’m sure with some proper focus put into manifesting your intentions you’ll land exactly where you need to !

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Woohoo! Partiko is leading the mobile dapp market again! :D

I'm pretty sure about that as well :) Things are working out. Situations and decisions connect with each other. Life is so fun when everything makes starts making sense!

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Hi @aaronhawk

Why would you be moving to Cologne if not because of job? Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I know people do not move there because of amazing life-style that is being offered by this city.

Are you Indian yourself? Which part ? Hope you dont mind sharing.

Prepare for very different life. You may not really like people in Germany. They are very ... specific and unique. Strict like noone else. And surely it's hard to see them smiling. Ever.

Whenever I think of these things, I think that I’m not allowed to be my true self.

And you're right. I used to work in IBM and HP and you simply cannot be yourself.

Why are people so fearful of losing their job? Can’t we all work together instead of against each other?

Simply because there will be always many people wanting your job. You will have to work together but most of the time you will not trust your collegues. And since you're indian (forigner), they will probably treat you ... very differently.


hi @aaronhawk

I just checked your profile to see if you posted anything new lately and ... NADA. Why so quiet? :)


I got a lot of work right now I dont have any time for a post

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