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RE: Ruthless With The Downvotes!

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What is your criteria for a good post you will upvote, @waphilip? Small fish are dying in droves. I write minnow tips and know many of these people. Maybe I can connect you with some that are worthy of saving.


Hmm well fitinfun, I enjoy pretty much anything that's well thought out with substance! If it has a little humor, all the better! Def drop the link of whoever you want and I'll check em out!

TY @waphilip,

These are the places I send people to find starving authors already trying on STEEM:


@freewritehouse and @mariannewest
@abh12345 The Curation and Engagement League Participants
@pifc contests
@qurator daily posts and author spotlights
@tasteem contests
@heyhaveyamet posts
@ntopaz contests and regular feed
@c-cubed daily posts
@steevc and his @tenkminnows project

Not sure if they sill be substantive enough or funny enough, but at least you can find posts in volume in all of these places and do not have to pick through random posts.

You voted my comment with 97% power, if you can get down to 85-90% daily or even less, you will get great curation rewards. If you are voting for small fish, you will also be a hero.

Threw some 100% upvotes to a few of em! didn't have enough time to read all of the posts yet, but thank you for the list!

And thank you very much! All of use appreciate your help so much. I think you will find great content.

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