Recruitment process // important stage in the selection of personnel

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We constantly find articles that guide us about the human resource in companies and perhaps for many readers, it is a repeated theme, but we should never discard the information about it, knowing that for any organization it is human capital that achieves success or failure. Success that is given, sooner or later, by the capacity of the staff and by the effectiveness of recruitment and selection policies. It is normal for many managers and directors to differentiate between recruitment and selection. Difference in which the selection should not be emphasized, since this is the last stage of the recruitment process, and it makes no sense to employ the best strategies in the selection, but rigorous recruitment policies have been applied, attracting aspirants that do not meet the needs of vacant positions.

Undoubtedly, the company must have the backing of top management and its business strategies, contemplating the personnel plans and rigorous recruitment policies, fulfilling the objective of attracting good quality candidates, who provide valid and reliable decisions at the right time. of the selection. Perhaps the secret of a good recruitment is wrapped in key factors, such as: did you know about the vacant position? Are the salary benefits offered by the position attractive? Are you able to fill the position? Does it meet your needs? work ?, Do you consider that the company has a good reputation, to represent you as a boss?

It is important to highlight, in the development of recruitment policies, the interests pursued by the company. Emphasizing the objectives, goals, mission and vision. In such a way that the candidate knows the company with an external perspective. On the other hand, the last question must be taken (do you consider that the company has a good reputation, to represent you as a boss?) As a flag in strengthening the image of the company. Achieving this can take several years, not losing the reputation of a good employer, which can happen in months or even weeks, but care is taken in labor decisions, in some cases not very productive, such as mass dismissals without apparent reasons and without support for the staff

Companies should always consider designing an attractive package of benefits for their staff, as this will allow them to be competitive and have human capital highly committed to the objectives of the organization.

I hope we continue writing and reading in the near future.

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