The Team Is More Important Than Anything else (MLM Training)

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This is an old training video from 2014, that speaks to the importance of Teamwork in MLM.

A huge challenge network marketers face today, is there are too many self-labeled Gurus who are selling absolute bullshit to anyone willing to buy it. Success in MLM is about knowing what works. That being said, it's a lot like 'The Force' in Star Wars.

The knowledge can be used for good or evil. Unfortunately, too many people have used MLM for 'dark side' motivations. There aren't enough Jedi's in our industry. TopnetworkersGroup is here to rebuild the Old Order. The industry needs us ...

The Importance of Teamwork in Network Marketing (MLM Training)

The Role of a Sponsor

to Lead by Example. that's the ONLY role, but that's pretty Heavy. What does it mean to Lead by Example? If you're a sponsor, what kind of "example" are you setting?

The Role of an Upline

to Lead by Example - which sounds a lot like a Sponsor. An Upline, is the Ultimate Sponsor, who sets the Ultimate example for the Entire 'downline'.

The Role of the Sideline

The Sideline ... should also lead by Example. Do you see the Pattern emerging? The Team must be aware of itself at all times. Without one another, 'we' are nothing. WITH one another, we are unstoppable forces - of good, if that's what we decide to be.

All of these concepts are Expressed several times throughout this Training video; To work with our team, sign up at the today - After you watch the Introductory Video

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