Excellent Voltron On Netflix Review

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I honestly have to give this show another shot. I started watching it on Netflix when it first dropped and didn't get to episode 4. However, I recently saw a 3rd season is on the way, and that normally doesn't happen unless it's good. The trailer for season 3 got my interest as well, so I went to see what people are really saying about this new version of Voltron on Netflix.

While doing that, I Ran into this review :::

I'm a product of the 80s and this was one of my FAVORITE Shows! I had the toys and everything. Like a lot of kids who grew up in the 80s, we're collectively not all too pleased with what they have done to Transformers, and G.I. Joe.

Voltron was one of the other shows from that time period that is generally considered the Golden Age of Cartoons. so honestly after 2 or 3 shows, I was once again let down. Maybe I Just gave up too soon. That does happen sometimes, with some stories - where they need to set up some plotlines before things can get going.

Has anyone else checked out Voltron on Netflix yet? If so what were your thoughts?

Did you enjoy this video review as much as I did? (It's motivated me to give the show a second chance....)

  • Because 'conceptually' it's always been a part of my approach to business. I've even included 'examples' of the Voltron Lion's coming together in marketing material for my network marketing organizations.

Along with this picture .......

So, it's not just 'lip service' for me when I say I'm a huge fan of this show, the concept, and seriously wanted this Show on Netflix to be good. That being said, with a 3rd season set to premiere, now is a great time to catch up!


oh and 'p.s.' -- about the Voltron Image; You'll notice the 1mlmsystem.com Logo is displayed on the Belt; I really wasn't playing with that statement. This is what is wrong with MLM Right now. MLM'ers do not see themselves as "Part of a Unit" - instead they see themselves as the ENTIRE unit;

By the way when I finally start going through these, I promise to write a follow up :)