Business Will Make Positive Change For Many!

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Business need Te be first priority!

Why i am talking about business today because i want to explain the current condition my country is getting worse day By day !

As by the unsuccessful policies of my country we are losing strength on the USD the USD is going more stronger to PKR!

Why we should think as the first priority to improve our business !

As much as i know that when there is so much cost excessive excess in things value then we should thing about business dealing for many reasons!

This inflation and rising prices only make problem for poor people (e-g) Workers & Labors. Because in Pakistan the max daily salary of a labors is (300 To 500/-) PKR hardly if they get a work for that day otherwise they will go back home hopeless at the end of the day you will found 100 Of workers at the day time in the market who are looking for some one to give them some work to do that they can make some small amount of money to buy some food for their kids and family.

I will highlight the prices to day for some products which we daily use:

Flour800/- PKR Per 20 Kg
OIL180/-PKR Per Kg
Sugar70/ PKR Per Kg
Rice150/- PKR Per Kg
Milk110/- PKR PEr Kg
Tea800/- PKR per Kg

I have got this comparison because when the prices rising badly there is not problem for the business man the only problem is faced by the poor people!

Rich will get more rich and poor will get more poor in 300 PKR How a poor person will run the full family expenses !


Why Business?

As i mention about the business so my main point about the business is that when we start a business and we will promote the business by this way we will make more profit for our country plus the main important point in my mind is that we will provide Job for many people who are having no job and they are job less that is the main point i want to clarify.

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Very good way to explain, simple and straight to the point. That same situation is experienced in my country, Venezuela, where, for example, 1 kg of meat costs 75% of the minimum wage. Then, business is the best way to bring sustenance to home.

the law of the strongest

The truth is everybody is doing business in life.