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Quote of my mail to ""
Hi there,

I have a big problem for which we can’t find a solution.
I’ve discussed this for some time in the slack right now but the members who have some technical knowledge are out of options so I really need to contact the devs about this matter.

When I first used my Desktop wallet I have sent all my coins to it.
Then I pressed the buttons “Start Darksend Mixing” and “Try Mix” not knowing what those were actually meant to do.

This mix got stuck at 18%.

Since then I’ve encrypted and unlocked my wallet for trying to stake my coins.

Staking didn’t work so after some discussions with the slack group I decided to send my coins to Bittrex and start with a clean wallet to try the staking again.
However It seems that I am not able to withdraw and send my coins because they are being mixed in that Darksend Mix.

So I had a new discussion going on from which I tried a few suggestions.

  • I’ve tried to do a clean install of the (quickstart slack) wallet and replaced the wallet with my first backup but the darksend stuck at 18% was included in that wallet.dat backup
  • I’ve retracted the private key from that wallet with “dumpprivkey SUHKiDJn9pMmTKAQCeZG2XHZJj8fkWaaSs” and imported it in a new clean wallet with “importprivkey 'synx private key'” after doing this Darksend was not running BUT my balance was empty and it showed the outgoing transactions of my coins to random addresses which I expect to be the addresses that were used in the Hardsend Mix.
  • When looking up my address “SUHKiDJn9pMmTKAQCeZG2XHZJj8fkWaaSs” in the blockchain explorer I can see those same transactions listed as outgoing an no incoming transactions are shown so that looks like the Darksend Mix used my coins and sent them to random addresses and I didn’t get coins from the others in the Mix back to my address…
  • I’m now using that backup wallet.dat again (because people advised me to get back to that backup) so I’m stuck again in the 18% of that Darksend Mix with no transactions shown in my wallets list and my coins still there but I’m really afraid because the blockchain shows my coins as sent to different addresses and I’m not able to access my coins at this moment…

Link to my address in Blockchain:

Link to outgoing transactions, probably made by the Darksend Mix (in Blockchain):

I hope I can be helped with this serious problem, because losing those coins would be a disaster for me and the only thing I’ve done is clicked a button in the wallet…

Thanks in advance!


Syndicate, Please update the wallet still 2016 and take so much cpu
please update may increase the value on the coin like sib and exclusive coin already over $1.