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“People are like sticks of dynamite. The power is on the inside, but nothing happens until the fuse gets lit.” – Mac Anderson

Nobody can live your life for you and neither should you let anyone attempt to do so. Sometimes we follow career paths we have little or no interest in just to please our demanding parents but this just leads to unhappiness and a deep sense of disappointment. Your life is your own and you owe it to yourself to pursue your dreams and to live your passion. Some people might see that as selfish but it is nothing of the sort. When you are true to yourself you can let your passion shine through in everything that you do and this will inspire others to follow their passions too. Live the life somebody else wants you to live and you will inspire nobody.

In order to unleash this dynamite-like power from within you have to allow yourself to follow your passion and your burning desire in life. Live this passion to the full and once the fuse is lit then there is no holding you back. It does not matter whether you have a mainstream passion or have one that is obscure or off the wall. If it gets you excited than you can be sure it will get others excited too and because there are others like you then there is money to be made and you are ideally placed to make money from it.

Think of all the times you have seen someone who clearly loves their job – the sort of person who looks forward to Monday mornings and always seems to have a spring in their step and enthusiasm in their voice. Well that person could be you. There is no law to say you must settle for a job that you hate, which keeps you with just enough money to pay the bills and robs you of so much of your time, yet many of us settle for such a job as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Don’t let that be you and don’t sit around waiting for someone else to come along and light your internal fuse because that rarely ever happens. Find your inner spark, light your own fuse and see how your passion propels you forward…and carries others along in your wake.


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