My enter to "Getting a business going on Steem"

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This is blogpost is my enter to this contest

Getting a business going on Steem

The Problem
I have Steemmonsters that I want to sell to someone at Discord. I do not know who that person is and the value of the Steemmonster is 175 SBD (last one I sold). Should I send the card first and HOPE that he will send the Steem. Or should he send the money first and HOPE that I do not scam him?
I have seen the same problem att weku. Because you can not trade weku at an exchange you have to trust each other (but some people will be scamed)
The problem is that we do not trust each other.
I can say the same about when I buy pictures or other digital stuff. Who will send first???

My Vision is that I send my SM-card to a service. The buyer also send 175SBD to that service. Like a smart contract that be unlocked when right things is locked in.
Then it is unlocked and I get my money. For that safety I pay 2% of the transaction.

IF I smart contract not can be used (it is difficullt to see if it is a painting maybe) it can be people verifying the things. For that they get coins to pay this service for or exchange it to steem.

This safetyservice can be used for people at Steemit but also everyone that want to have more safe transaction. Maybe the first step is to only focus at transaction at the Steem blockchain or cryptocoins.

Is this possible? I do not know. I am not a devoloper. I am a buisnessman working as a contentwriter and with affiliate. So I do not know the first step. BUT if it is possible I can work with userfriendlyness

That is a idea more than a buisnessplan. But a small step is always the first step to a long trip.


Like a Steem Escrow service. Great idea

This is great idea and worth pursuing.

Awesome! This is the best plan I have seen! Hope it wins

We will see. I could not tell them answer for everything like "What is your next step" or "Tell me about your team". But I like the idea.
You remember that you are a small part of this idea? (When I sold my card for 175SBD).

I do remember! This is awesome

THANK YOU ! I am glad that a Steemit-veteran tell me so.

This is not a bad idea if you are referring to an escrow service where anything can be sold. Steem Monsters already has a marketplace, so you have built in competition if you just aim for that market.

Thanks for comment. But I do not agree. If I want to sell a card to you for 10 Steem that in market cost 15 Steem. How to do it? In my case I put in the market for 10 steem and was at the same time in the chat at discord telling him NOW!! But if we was unlucky someone else could bought the card in front of him. My idea is not an open market - Just p2p. I think it is even more good to use when Trading coins (like weku) with each other. Today I Only trade with few because of lack of trust. In this way I could also buy coins p2p without using a exchange

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Great idea !


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Escrow is a useful tool if the public market does not have the demand for it aka in this case steemmonsters card exchange. I would say that a escrow with blockchain verification is a good hunt. That said for broader applications. On steemmonsters I guess the fee is required and you can list it at that price and take the 5% cut you could undercut with an escrow and 2% that said if your both online can easily sync the buys at the proper time.

Thank you for your comment. Happy to hear that yyou like it

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