MindSports IO is joining Steemit! Come join us!

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Hello Steem users! MindSports.io is pleased to join this wonderful community!

We will be using Steemit as one of our communication outlets!

Seeing as how Steem is an integral part of the cryptocurrency community, we have decided to add Steemit as one of our social media outlets. We will be utilizing Steemit to post announcements and engage with our users.

What is MindSports.io?

We are here to bring intellectual games to the masses by utilizing blockchain technology. Our platform is meant to host, play and govern games. Our users will be able to play for MIND tokens, as well as use them to vote on which games get added. We will have games such as Chess, Go, Xiangqi and many more!

Meet the Team!

Presale is starting!

Our presale will be held Nov 17th to Dec 16th with a hardcap of 10,000 ETH.

Tell us about yourself!

We would love to get to know the community here on Steemit. Tell us about yourself!

Learn More About Our Mission and Work

If you want to learn more , feel free to check out our whitepaper

telegram: https://t.me/mindsportsio
blog: https://medium.com/mindsportsio
twitter: https://twitter.com/mindsportsio

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Hi! I am organizing the weekly steem blitz chess tournament and make a video commentary about it, any way to get connected? Here my latest post:



hi schamanagerbert, sorry for my late reply.

Its our pleasure to connect. Love your work and enjoy your video.
Kindly reach us out at info@mindsports.io or island@mindsports.io. Thanks !

This seems like it has a good idea behind it. It could turn out to be huge if the cards are played right


appreciate the feedback. Token holders can propose and vote every 6 months to decide the next mind games build on the network. They can use their tokens in all these mind games. We believe this mechanism align incentives across all stake holders and create a token network effect.

To learn more about MIND token design philosophy and tokenomics, kindly check out this article. Thanks !


great post sir

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I have already read about it on originalworks writing contest. :)
This is very good idea..is it focusing on mind challenge games only?


thanks katteasis.

we are targeting all mind games include chess, go, shogi, bridge,checker and looking forward to expand to other boardgames in the future, subject to licensing on relevant board games. thanks !



it is great hearing something new but I am not a game lover. so, what can i do now? i don't understand what is really is. can you explain more about it.


thanks shagor0161 !

MindSports IO is the first gaming network for Chess, Go, Chinese Chess, Shogi powered by the Ethereum Blockchain where user can Bet, Play and Create Tournaments using MIND Token within the network. Every 6 months, token holders can propose and vote for the next mind games to be build and deployed to the network.

If you want to learn more , feel free to check out our whitepaper

telegram: https://t.me/mindsportsio
blog: https://medium.com/mindsportsio
twitter: https://twitter.com/mindsportsio

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I like chess. i would love to play chess there.


thanks hafiz34.
Chess is the first mind game to be deployed on the network. Every 6 months token holders can propose, vote and decide the next mind games to be build and deploy.

We except there will be 5 mind games on MindSports IO by 2019. Thanks !

I like the idea..... Thanks

Very interesting initiative. Welcome!


thanks alexpsyllos, we love the steemit community !