Tips For Holding Effective Meetings

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Meetings must be well managed otherwise they can become one of the biggest time wasters in an organization

Is It Really Necessary?
You must decide whether or not the meeting is necessary. Do not hold meetings just for the sake of it. There are times when an exchange of ideas can be done via a few emails.

Specific Goals
You must be clear on what you want to do, whether you want to brainstorm, sell or an idea or gain buy off on some key changes. Meeting participants must have a clear idea about the meeting well before the meeting. The meeting must have a clear idea and be goal orientated. Any relevant materials must be sent in advance so that most of the meeting time is spent in discussion and debate.

Actively Manage Meeting
The facilitator must actively manage the meeting to keep the meetings focused on the topic at hand. In case there are great ideas that are off topic, these can be noted or ‘’parked’’ and then discussed later at appropriate fora. The facilitator must also encourage active participation by everyone. Encourage all the people to speak up so that all ideas are brought to the surface.

Respect For One Another
It is inevitable that there will be heated discussions in some meetings. These can be actually good for the meeting as long this leads to solutions that everyone agrees with. It is however important that in the heat of these discussions, participants maintain respect for another. Differences of opinion must not be taken personally. The facilitator must ensure that each participant is given the chance to give reasons behind their stance on the issues under discussion. It is also important that participants adequately listen to one another.

Invite Key People
Invite only the people who are key to what will be discussed so as to reduce man-hours wastage. This helps to keep the meeting focused.

Limit Distractions
Select a venue that limits distractions and encourages concentration.

Keep Meetings Short
It is advisable that a meeting must not go beyond 90 minutes otherwise the participants will begin to lose concentration and interest. Avoid holding meetings that go on forever without really accomplishing anything.

The meeting must end with resolutions and target dates for key actions to be performed and the persons responsible for those actions. This must be documented and if need be persons responsible must be sent personal communication so that they are clear on their roles.


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