Decluttering Your Workspace for a Fresh Start

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It is now officially 2019 and we are in full swing @Oracle-d with quite a few changes coming down the pipe that will add a new element to business and to the Steemit community.

One thing that I choose to partake in every New Year is to declutter my workspace, car, and house of anything that I have not used in the past 6 months. I have always believed in starting the new year off with a clean slate so cleaning up is something that I choose to take very seriously.

One thing that I was told recently by someone that I trust is that decluttering is not just getting rid of things that you no longer use but clearing out anything that doesn’t serve you anymore or that you aren’t absolutely in love with.

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It was never mine

In looking around my office and my workspace, I realized that I have many possessions in my life that have never actually belonged to me because I didn’t choose them for myself. Most of them were hand me downs or given to me by past lovers or ex best friends. These items still have life left in them so I have started to sell them or give them to charity to make room for new items of my own choosing.

The strange thing is that I feel much lighter in my heart now that I have chosen to get rid of many of my possessions that never were truly mine to begin with. The energy of my home and workspace feels much more positive and truly lighter.

I had been keeping those things for sentimental purposes (or so I thought) but why keep a gift from an ex lover or a friend that you are no longer in contact with? Why not make space in your heart and home for something different that you value and have chosen for yourself?

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The value of energies

Everything in life has an energy to it, even inanimate objects. Most of the time, the reason for negative energy within an object is that the energy is left over from a previous owner or user of the object. My ex husband and I bought most of the furniture in my house together and I feel like most of it still holds some energy from him so in my decluttering this year I plan on getting rid of most of the furniture that he and I had purchased together.

When we split up, I never gave myself the chance to get a new start with fresh energy in this house. So, I plan on starting over now, even though we have been divorced for 3 years now. I’m not sure I was ready to let go of our marriage or of the things that we had acquired. Relationships since then have felt stale to me and I have felt closed off from the world. I finally feel like I am ready to move on from the past and embrace the future.

I wonder if I had decluttered sooner if I would have felt able to release the past sooner. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them!

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Good start for this new year, since the things we do not use for so long must be sold or given to people who need them or will use them well. Change things and renew them fill us with new expectations and wish to make things better, our mind is filled with peace and definitely see new things keeps us happy, in particular, I'm not attached to material things, even sentimentality, I like regularly order, vote what does not work, donate what can still be used and sell to renew in something better. Greetings Ivy