Reflection on managerial competencies in agricultural companies in Venezuela

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An important topic that has referred to the world and society today is change, organizations have experienced transformations caused by their environment, either by: the activities developed in their processes, the establishment of new methods, techniques, as well as by the forms of management and management. On this depends that companies with character to survive must know how to differentiate well the products, develop competitive advantages in the key areas, where there are great opportunities, but also face threats.

Of this reality, the Venezuelan companies do not escape, for example those of the sector of bufalina milk taken in processes, in which the managerial competences (knowledge, abilities, attitudes and interests) compatible with their function; it must be oriented to the development of organizations in search of new sources of competitive advantages. What has led to dairy products, not only bovine exclusivity, but also buffalo production, which have had a large expansion in the market. In Venezuela, in the last twenty years, consumption has increased thanks to the attributes of this type of buffalo milk (more protein, minerals and less cholesterol and calories) making it more attractive to the consumer. However, the agricultural companies, today have been affected by the economic imbalances that have been generated over the last decades.

Inadequate government management has caused mismanagement of the resources available in public and private companies, whose main consequence is the provision of poor service to different users. It is so; that by not setting goals, actions and objectives in the medium and long term, managers limit their administrative management and therefore the activities they perform are inefficient, causing the inappropriate use of available resources (human, financial, economic, material and technical) ) of the companies generate little profitability.

The decision making process without attending to an objective and systematic process, usually causes adverse results, practices that are due to the deficient managerial management in the companies, as a result they have a low positioning in the market and it brings consequences reflected in a financial structure that is seen affects substantially, which leads to the crisis of the same; so various sectors have been forced to find a solution.

Management skills are a set of knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes that a person needs to be efficient in a wide range of management tasks in various organizations. In other words, they are individual characteristics that can be measured, which differentiate the occupants from management positions with excellent performance, from those who perform adequately.

In reference to the above, it is necessary that men and women who work in agricultural production companies, to be good managers must be excellent leaders, which implies not only master the budgetary techniques, but also know how to design a system of accountability, establish clear governance procedures, as well as define the intelligent financial model on which a company rests; In addition to offering direction and motivation to its staff, with the purpose of converting the strengths of the organization into competitive advantages.

One of the problems that arises in the agricultural production companies, is the lack of a good system of managerial functions which represents in itself, that in the company there is no planning, organization and there is no control system over the operational processes.
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