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Loyalty these days is a word that gets tossed out the window. In the early days of my career (olden days) it was frowned upon by others if you job hopped. It raised more questions on your CV regarding loyalty than anything else.

Companies spend a small fortune on training their employees in order to get the best out of them. Most of these programs are run out over the years in different training modules helping you and the company achieve it's growth targets. Once completed you may be looked at for various promotions that open up further up the ladder. It's all about being a company orientated person with their philosophy flowing through your veins.

When I started out you couldn't work for one company and within a year be at another and then maybe another a year later. That was a no no in the industry at the time as loyalty was raised. The employer looked at you wandering whether they were the next stepping stone on your way up the ladder. The thought process then was to work your way up the ladder through being a team player and a company man.

Today if you don't move on to a new position in three years you are seen as dead wood. You are stale as you haven't moved on to another promoted level. It is the total opposite mind set from 20 years ago. Promotion from within and companies being loyal to their work force are a forgotten era.

I can recall some new employees arrived where I was working and were promoted above others who in my mind were ready and deserving for those roles. I didn't want to dig to deep but it may have been down to what university you went to and having the inside line to someones ear and not your achievements at work.

Maybe it is the people that were job hopping have finally made it to the top and are promoting all the hoppers now. Loyalty should mean something and it should be rewarded in my book as without a loyal workforce what does a company have today. I agree with head hunting as a company needs the best for a particular role but generally it should happen from within.

Am I wrong or do my thoughts belong in a forgotten era? It would be good to hear your thoughts on this and looking forward to someone who would know a bit more on this @tarazkp.

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Instead of longer time perspectives, shareholder value tends to be measured every quarter. That's how it is in public corporations. Small, private enterprises may look at things from a different perspective. I've heard there is a very strong tradition of learning on the job in many Swiss industries. Training new craftsmen is the responsibility of local companies. Such very personal relationships probably do foster a greater sense of loyalty.


I prefer smaller companies as they seem to care more about their work force. The bigger corporations you are just a number and no one cares.

Even beyond the corporate World it is the same. Those who remain loyal are often under appreciated and unrewarded. People have simply evolved to looking after themselves


Selfish individuals.

Unfortunate, but all too true. I've been at the same introductory position for a total of three and a half years now, wondering when I'll get promoted. I want to take courses to get some technological certifications, but if I do that, what the company I work for wants, won't factor into it. I would rather be certified on the current tech, not tech that's three years out of date just because somebody I work for uses it.


Find somewhere that suits you and you suit them.

The main reason people move from a company is money or due to strain. In India if you stay in one company after a year you may get 10 percent hike in salary but if you switch to another company you can bargain for 30 to 50 % hike.If company take cares of their employees I dont think anybody will leave company.Good post @cryptoandcoffee

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I think they will. When they can't progress any more and realize they have burnt too many bridges.It is a small world and a dangerous policy.

howdy sir cryptoandcoffee! I like loyalty and old fashioned values. I think steemit has that for the most part except with individuals like if you don't support people when they support you then that's not going to last long.

You might belong in a different era but in this case you are so right! lol.
my sp is about 40% so I'm doing small votes today.


Maybe you should stop commenting for the next 3 days and get your SP up. What do you think @lynncoyle1 that is sound advice lol.
I agree I like the loyalty factor and old school or not it still has a place today.


haha! hey is it a great insult to comment if your sp is so low that you don't want to leave a dusting of a vote? in other words comment and not leave a vote?


No, just pulling your leg so you stop commenting for a few days and maybe ,just maybe we have a chance at Ashers league. You are killing us lol.


oh ok...hey thank you for your kind words and I loved the teasing on the comments of the League page!..for some reason my computer doesn't like that page, just that page always freezes up.
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Loyalty is almost same, like the respect, or love, or honor.
All are behavior, not an emotion or characteristic. And the behavior is reaction.

Its mean, if you want loyalty, first you have to earn it.

And be honest. You see many business or people, who working hard for earn the loyalty of others?
I dont. I see many takers, who say: i deserve it, its required, i demand. F.ck it.

Nothing wrong about all this thoughts, and no, this era isnt "forgotten". Its ignored, because the most of the people live a big delusion.


I think you are right and everyone is delusional. Personally if I saw someones CV and they had 5 other jobs in 5 years I wouldn't hire them


In past 10 years, i had 10 different jobs :D I work since 4 years in my currently company, because they are little better, like the average hungarian employer.

I work for money, and i work on the basis of the contract. If the employer break the contract (its pretty common in Hungary), i left. Action and reaction. Most of company want to pay just a little, and want to lot of work (200+ hour each month), and weekends workdays.

Sometimes turns out the truth after two months, sometimes after half year. I have more skills, and practice in different professions, so not a big deal going to a new job. I want stability and calculability, and if my employer doesnt respect this simple and understandable employee demand, dont deserve my loyalty, and my work.

I work hard for all, what i get it. And the employer have to "work" hard for all, what i gave. Balance and proportionability are important in the business.

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I have been with the same small company for 23 years, It's like a family!