Aussie Bushfoods: Black Anther Flax-lily (Dianella revoluta)

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Black Anther Flax-lily in the bush

Dianella revoluta and Dianella brevicaulis, commonly known as 'Black Anther Flax-lily' and 'Coast Flax-lily', respectively, are two plants that are of great use as bushfood and medicine.

Black Anther Flax-lily flower close-up

The blue/black, ripe, berries of both are delicious and abundant in summer. On D. brevicaulus, they nestle down amongst the leaves. On D. revoluta, they stand on the flower stems above the leaves.

The white piece at the bottom of the leaves tastes a little like nuts and has a strong antiviral property. When we're out bush, we are constantly chewing on both it and the berries to keep our immunity up and colds away. The roots are edible after a good cleaning.

Dianella revoluta has wide, strap like leaves up to waist high and the flowers come to about 90 cm above that. D. brevicaulis leaves are about half a metre tall and the flowers are clustered down amongst them. In the pictures you can see the contrasting black anthers that give the plant its name. The beautiful purple, yellow and black flowers can be seen from August to January.

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That's a beautiful flower! So it has a root rather than a bulb?

It grows by rhizomes, not bulbs. Very easy to propagate that way

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