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I bought Burst under .05 cents in the month of January. Bought 75,000 of those guys, 2018 is a perfect time to buy any coin no matter the supply.

4 Main things I decided to scoop up a few.

  • 1: Energy efficient
  • 2: Under a $.10 still good price. All cryptos moving up no matter the Supply
  • 3: Mine with unused space from harddrive.
  • 4: This is another Big sleeping giant coin can hit $4-$5 anytime.

Investing $1000 - $5000 in this coin before it chases $.10 will make you a nice chunk of change.

$0.073122 USD (30.84%)
0.00000485 BTC (31.81%)

Follow me for more coins out of my portfolio. What are you holding?


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Great post! That's true. I see it happen many times. It's best to buy the coin while it's still under 10 cents.

Yes exactly correct, it is happening more and more due to recent media exposure of cryptos.

Looking forward to seeing it's growth!

Yes If you are not already following please do so, I will be posting more and more on the coins I have and show you proof of raises.

I want every one to make some more money.

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excellent post, thanks for sharing.

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