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Mining other coins like XMR and BTC: https://www.genesis-mining.com/
Use code for 3% off: (WSwDpG)

For Bitcoin Wallet: https://www.coinbase.com/join/bvadams

Donate here:
1CgkYugDNd5eZzjKmgh6tLtgiQ2JYyY62h (Bitcoin)
0x800406d3a923C27d91e500F4B2F7B8ba42c41480 (ETH)
BURST-QL23-F2NC-W9C5-8WZMB (Burst-coin)

Follow me on: https://steemit.com/@britvr

Bitcoin and Alton coin trading bots:


Thanks for the Steemit shout-out. Dash used to excite me until I found STEEM b/c everything Dash can do STEEM does better.

  • Governance via community voting is better than Dash's voting via Masternodes

  • Both coins have "instant" transactions but STEEM doesn't charge a static fee like InstantX (IX) on Dash.

  • Built-in web wallet for STEEM. Dash is trying to do this with Evolution.

  • Send $$$ with usernames and not with super long addresses. STEEM already does this but Dash is still working on implementing it with Evolution.

HDD-Mining on a smart T.v. Hmmm Interesting! I'm not sure how that would work & all with having to download apps & such unless, you can actually hop on the internet with your t.v. which I'm pretty sure you can if you have a smart t.v.. Pls do let us know if you get this to work and I may have to follow ;)
And smart decision by deciding not add more of your own m0ney into 'E0bot'. Like I say, It's fun to play with and [email protected] but not worth it! It's best to use chump change lying around 0r simply using the free faucet and daily payout to reinvest like you are already doing. I'm now onto the free faucet m0ney ;)

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