Let's burn a POST .. Two, Three, Four .. you know, right?.

in #burning4 years ago (edited)

"No quote today, seriously."
Quote from thehell.com

So yeah. Rich guys, burning posts. Big whales, upvoting that posts, with a single image on it.

What's the point of it? I guess, the point it's just sucking the pool rewards.

Why they and not me? Well, maybe because they can, and me not. But, what if i could do the same?.

Not sure how long the entire steem ecosystem will be alive. The single fact that a guy can get most of the reward pool, with his whale friends voting for his 10 daily posts, makes me feel like, shit basically.

So yeah, im not crying. Basically i'm gonna join them from time to time. Burning a post, sending some SBDs to bots, and praying to get some profit from it.

See you soon guys, stay strong everyone.

The thumbnail of the post, was created by me. The gifs of this post, does not belongs to me.
Thanks you!

Just burn The Post And Enjoy
But The Bots Gift to you some Percentage like a 10% or 20% or 30% .....
like that you know
and they Benefit from the Return
But The Return may be is lost you SBD
you must know where you paid the SBD what the bot is return the good

  • sorry of my bad English

Have A good Day

That's true, thanks for your reply mate :)

You Are Welcome Bro 😃

sir @selected,

You are right. The steemit should look at these

Thanks sir ^^
Check your wallet, i made you a little gift :)

i dont know the reason. but thank u sir

You are a great person, that's why. Have a good day sir :)

You are great sir. Best wishes for u.

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