[ Bumper Update ] A slight increase of the returns ! [ Requested ]

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A quick service update

Hey everyone, the last few days i have received a lot of feedback, help and support from you guys what is very much appreciated.

A few of you guys talked to me on here and Discord about the possibility to do 220 / 225%. I was busy at that time but i did have a look to it. and it comes to this.

We are able to go as high as 230% at this right moment.
We would still be able to pay our delegations and move on although we will slightly be more vulnerable to rapid changes in prices on the market and delegation.

Why the drop in return in short

Some people don't understand why we would drop in returns at all. So for those a quick explanation.

Other upvote services (bots) like @Minnowbooster have over 100000 Steempower that of them self. They do NOT have to pay this anymore as it is powered up and in there possession.

As @Bumper only have less then 500 Steempower that is our own and the rest we have to rent against high prices.

As where "they" choose to do low returns even if they don't have to worry about payments, we choose for high returns and less profit for Bumper.

But if the moment arises that we lose money as our delegations are simply becoming to expensive we have 2 choices stop the service or do a lower return.

But at least some good news.
Al tough it ain't much, we have a some room to do 230%
and this will make sure that we have a better return again then most of the services out there.

Once the markets are showing better times,
we can look to set the returns even higher again.

Daily Limits

We had been closed for a few days to clear the whole
pre-order list so we could start clean. Therefor right now the wait is around 1 / 2 day(s) and we have increased the daily blog limit to 4 per account.


This is good news, @bumper! It is especially helpful that the limit is higher than one per day, although I do support there being a limit to make it easier for more people to get in the upvote queue.

Thanks for being transparent, and doing your best to treat people right, and still stay in business.

I've resteemed this article as one of my daily post promotions for the @mitneb Curation Trail Project. It will be featured in the @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Report for 02 MAR 2018.


Once again thanks @mitneb.
Yea we are getting tested atm you could say
but until now we keep standing although it did gave us
a big slap in the face ^^. But we will recover from it !
I am going to try to stay in front of the competition.

Also @mitneb with your Curation Trail you are running
a "service" yourself on Steemit always of high quality.
I have put you on bumpers whitelist meaning the
daily limit will not apply to your service.

That's awfully nice of you to do that for me, @bumper. I rarely post more than one article per day anyway, but sometimes I forget to bump it, and sometimes I post one late at night, and another early in the morning, so the 24 hour limit made me miss sometimes.

I do offer a service, because I am committed to never selling my upvotes. And being completely manual in my curation.

thanks alot @bumper. i have mentioned you first that even 210% is still very good but it is very nice that you have made it to 230% waow it is a great gift for us.

yes @unkabird i have seen it indeed.
We received multiple messages with
the request to up it a little is this was possible.

I am glad you were okey with 210 but
we have listened to the others also and
230% is a better midway to go ;)

At the end we all do this together

wow great news...
i really appreciate your activity...

Good news for us and really apreciate your job and support....

many thanks for your kinds words @ubikalo

you help minnows like me thank you!

I'm very happy that you guys heard me & others with same intentions. This will help both the sides.
Thank you for the service & best of luck.

yes of cause you are heard with us @krupesh.
without you guys @bumper can not function.
And thanks for your support and input buddy

Its Good News.. 230% :)

great news, thanks @bumper!