[ Bumper Lottery ] Weekly Lottery and last week Winners ! [ Bump Ahead ! ]

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Weekly Bumper Lottery

And winners of last weeks lottery!

We will first announce the winners and then share the
instructions of the next lottery.
Thanks for playing!

May the odd forever be in your favor.

The winners of last week !

1st Place @Krupesh
won 5 SBD strait into your wallet !

2nd place @arif
You won a free upvote worth 0.5 SBD

3rd place @nonsense
You won a free upvote worth 0.5 SBD

congratulations to all the winners of last weeks lottery.
The prize has been transferred to @Krupesh.
For the free votes. We will refund you the money for the votes of one of your blogs. If you want a specific blog to be upvoted let us know in the comments or on Discord.

Join the @bumper Lottery / Raffle

We want to do more then just upvotes, and to show some appreciation to the users supporting bumper we are going to hold a weekly lottery!
Every Sunday we will hold the lottery and announce the winners.
There are multiple prizes to win every week.

  • 1st place = Gets 5 SBD.
  • 2nd place = Gets a free upvote.
  • 3rd place = Gets a free upvote.

As you can see not 1, not 2 but 3 winners every week !

How to join the lottery ?

There is a slight change !! in the steps that need to be taken
to be able to join the lottery. When we initially started the lottery it was meant
to be supporting and rewarding the bumper users for there support to us. Lately we are attracting more and more that don't even use our service at all.

So to keep our intentions as they initially were meant to be; One step will be added to the to do list to join out lottery

  • You can only enter is you have used the bumper service
    at least 3 times in the last 7 days.
    Note: you can only enter after we have 3 service entries of your account in the past 7 days. Because this is a new step for this week the coming 7 days will count also !

  • Resteem this blog !

  • Upvote this blog with a 100% upvote !

  • Join our Discord Server Click Here

  • Write a comment down below that you have done so.

Once you have completed the above 5 conditions,
you will automatically take part of this week lottery.

Thanks to everyone for the awesome support we have been given so far !
We were not able to do this all without you ! Lets keep Bumping !

Join our Discord server Click Here

  • Meet new people
  • Get real life support
  • Get FREE game keys
  • Join and fun community

And many more, Bump Ahead !:)


Just done Done all 5 :) bump ahead

@apine you are in the lottery buddy !
Good luck

[Helped by @gyzimo]

Listo, ya en discord y resteemed ya e usado varias veces el servicio... No se cuantas pero los seguire usando. Jejeje saludos.

Donde es tu upvote?
[Helped by @swolesome]

Done, resteemed , discord (ubikalo) and 3 uses in last 7 days

[Helped by @swolesome]

Thanks @bumper, I'm really happy & grateful to you. For the blog, https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@krupesh/alttex-the-must-have-cryptocurrency-exchange

I am very happy being a part and welcome the new rules too.
Thanks once again

[Helped by @swolesome]

Ready @Bumper ... resteemed , my name in discord is dgcarlosleon and uses in last 15 days


Me encantan tus gráficos. ¿Cuánto conseguir uno para mi cara, como lo has hecho en el comentario anterior? @dgcarlosleon
[Helped by @swolesome]

Oh.. muchas gracias, claro con gusto .. aquí le dejo mi contacto en telegram y nos ponemos deacuerdo... muchas gracias .. dgcarlosleon


Done... @bumper, i have reesteem and vote, my name in discord rismayanti, thanks

Not added. Must now be a user of @bumper service.
[Helped by @swolesome]

@bumper, that's a good move to require the entrants to have used your service at least 3 times in the week of the contest. That should keep this contest working as you intended, as a support for your loyal users.

I've upvoted and resteemed this article as one of my daily post promotions for the @mitneb Curation Trail Project. It will be featured in the @mitneb Curation Trail Project Daily Report for 05 MAR 2018.


yes absolutely @mitneb
it was made to reward the users for the support
and without this step we can not verify it at all.

And as always you are in the lottery :)
Thanks for your support !!

[--Helped by @gyzimo--]

[Helped [email protected]]

Have to use the bumper service over the past 7 days.

All done. I think it's my turn to win now :D

To enter the lottery you need to have used
the bumper upvote service minimum of 3 times
in the past 7 days.

Currently we also count until Sunday so you can still
join the lottery if you want.
But you need to do 2 more upvote entries before the end of sunday

The new lottery starts on Monday so you still have some time.
[--Helped by @gyzimo--]

There is an extra step to take from now on
in our lottery !!!! Make sure you read and complete
all steps before letting us know you done so !

May the odds for ever be in your favor !

done all the steps. thanks 😊


Helped by swolesome