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BUMO is a blockchain based project that is aim at establishing a network ecology that will be trusted and will allow the free flow of value like information, with the intention of utilizing the existing smart device.It can reduce the transaction cost on business mode and economic society. It supports value Internet. BUMO allows 10 000 transactions per second. With Bumo the process of adaptation can be easier.BUMO is centered around improving the simplicity of exchange over different systems inside the Internet of Things, fintech, and the informal community industry. By interfacing advanced resources, shrewd gadgets and client information, BUMO will empower the genuine advantages of the computerized economy to improve individuals' lives.BUMO is a cutting-edge business open blockchain. The BUMO group is intending to make a decentralized application environment which will utilize DPoS+BFT agreement calculation for two-layer numerous chains, or, in other words, streamline exchange handling. BUMO is likewise wanting to connect diverse fundamental chains through a between chain. The framework will have the capacity to associate both homogeneous and heterogeneous blockchains.
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Bumo Solution to this blockchain development issue's

The blockchain technology like it’s said to have change many industry for the better, so also has it solve key problem which are distributed to a dynamic network putting the internet on time ordered, tampered proof, cryptographic books, consensus mechanism under a unified rules and intrinsic mechanism.A connected environment shared by the overall population. Dapp for the blockchain can be compared to applications for your cell phone. Dapp not just gives clients the most instinctive comprehension of the blockchain yet additionally the esteem support of the whole blockchain organize.A valid esteem dissemination framework. BUMO's blockchain uses various instruments for building up an advanced personality for go through assertion, pass esteem exchange, decentralized exchanges, and Dapp worked in return, to advance the development of its esteem conveyance framework.A blockchain-based omnipresent trust arrange. Its system involves blockchain innovation created with numerous highlights, for example, an imaginative accord instrument, multi-chain structure of the principle chain-subchain, primary chain-backlink structure of the fundamental chain, and designer neighborly brilliant contracts.

Ubiquous Trust Network

The physical composition is a technology that allow smart device of different to perform as node and make full use of idle resources in the sense of reducing the threshold of users. These will make network to be more open and autonomous.BUMO network is completely an open and autonomous that seamless link the physical work with blockchain world. There contain a state whereby any device around the world can join the network performing as a node that will contribute to the network maintenance, application development and value creation.


Where the bitcoin and ethereum and other digital money platform can handle only few transaction per second.However, Blockchain has attracted a worldwide attention in the believe of people seeing blockchain technology as a turnaround to all business but according to research there are still many bottleneck in the current blockchain network such as:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Application Threshold
  • Value Isolated island
  • Performance Problem

Smart Contract

A smart contract is an executable performance of credible transaction. After contract is triggered, transaction has its own engine allocated to run the contract accomplishing through the business logic. The smart contract execution environment in BUMO is called the BUVM (BUMOvirtual machine) that provide the control logic for the application layer combining with upper high level language parsing and transformation.

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