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I don't do down vote unless it is necessary like this arrogant "themarkymark".

  • When I comment against his post, oh boy he does not like it. He will down vote your post.
  • Aside Witness updates, I mostly post from Bible Verse at least once a day. As you can see he will down vote them. I guess this one too. Yes, he has the steem power to do so.
  • Though he will kiss your butt, when you upvote his post.

You are a bully just in case you don't know it.

I feel sorry for you and I still pray for you.

WARNING. You don't need to upvote this post, just read it. If he see you upvote, he might down vote your post and I don't want that.

Just read to know for your awareness.


@yehey mark outlines why he's flagging you.

Maybe if you tried to correct your behavior he would stop downvoting you.


If you think I care about the upvotes. I will decline rewards my future post.
Don’t be blinded because he’s got a lot of steem and he’s working for your benefit. Think again.

I speak with Mark regularly. I have asked him his reasons for downvoting posts. And I can't say that I disagree with his reasons.

I don't care whether or not you decline upvotes. Fix the behavior that is causing him to downvote you. Don't copy pasta. Post quality content to steemit. Get a guy on fiverr to write original articles for you if you find you do not have the time. Do something different.

He has a problem, he won't let things go! I don't copy pasta! He posts bible verses, go to hell!

@themarkymark is US citizen , just file complaint with the FBI , I already did . What he does here CANNOT be legal otherwise he would not be hiding behind Nathan Fillion's image . The more complaints are filed the sooner he'll face the justice

Maybe he downvote your post because its copy/paste? :)

Shut up cwow2! Flags for all u here that take marky's side!

I was just saying xD I am not aganist anybody :D

Just like I dont understand why Markymark downvotes you. I dont see a problem with your post :D

Very aggressive my friend :p

Ye okay. I dno :D

I agree he is a jerk! They were mean to me for so long they got me to get so mad I made a fake threat against gtg and now he holds that against me! I'm not sure why he re-steemed this! he is nutz!

Wow, I must have really made it on steemit to be the target of a downvoting bully. Downvoting people who contribute meaningful posts and interact with people helps steemit how? I spend hours preparing writing and replying on my posts. I don't copy and paste and spam people.

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IDK, I spend countless hours too not to let someone coddle with my enemy! IDK about yehee, but I do care about spreading the truth about the marky mark!

Coddle the enemy? I'm talking about spam on the blockchain. It's bad for Steemit. I don't know why that makes you downvote all my posts.

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His posts don’t look like spam to me! He cites his source, it is your opinion that it is spam.

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Fair enough

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Now I'm the downvote bully for defending @yehey, lol!

I'm upvoting, because it's nice to see a real opinion written by an active mind, whever we agree or not, as opposed to copied-pasted text from some free source.

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Yeah the marky mark is weird, he needs to try to control us or something! I am starting to wish him dead! For real bro, I am in charge, it is time to smite this Earth from the marky marks! He will die, and live an eternal damnation, in my hell, which is almost exactly like this place, but twisted and stirred just right for marky mark soup! The only way to get rid of him is with your will! Good against evil bro, he is evil cause he brings out the evil in me! My GTG threats were really meant for him deep down in my heart! There guys time is upon, he is a shallow empty soul! Forget @themarkymark! I'll flag him for you forever too! k! @yehey!

You get downvoted for spam and then you complain about it?

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The guy cites his sources, mr mark douche is the one with the problem! We should be free to post whatever we want! Or just burn the block chain down? What do you want, which one?? lol freedom or bye bye!?

You can post whatever you want but when you copy and paste and use bots to post for you then it gets a little out of hand. But what you are doing is going to my page and downvoting real posts so what do you call that? And i have never downvoted anyone btw. (not that it would make a difference)

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I wan't to a t-shirt that says:

The Arrogant - "@themarkymark!""