Bullies hate it when you call their mothers. And remove the vote slider

in #bullies3 years ago (edited)

Berniesanders is a sad person. Only sad people harass others for fun on social media. Bernie and his alt accounts are nothing but the laundered drug money of Cody Allan Hill and Justin Bay Salmeron. I was flagged on my own profile enough to lose some reputation points by Bernie simply for making a comment on noganoos post. I do not cower to bullies and I am not matrixdweller.

I will msg your mothers on Facebook. This kind of childish behavior is exactly why I made my post about removing the vote slider. upvotes and downvotes should be 50% or 100% no in between and certainly nothing less than 50%.



I'm 80% sure you are Matrixdweller. You act and post just like him.

Sounds intresting here but i dont got time to look into it deep enough.
I have to do other things. I will not resteem or upvote or downvote.