Steemit proposal, get rid of the sliding vote scale entirely.

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We need to remove the vote slider entirely. It can stop bad whales from abusing their many votes. 10 votes per account per day 100% only. Steemit was created so the best content would get huge rewards. This is a mathematical way to assure that. Votes have become much more competitive already but some whales can still abuse downvotes by dropping them to 1%. 100% votes only. Its how Steemit started and I think it is what it must return to in order to survive.

Resteeem if you agree !


Call it a guess, but I doubt this proposal will go far. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks the slider bar is a very good thing.

I wonder what @krnel thinks about this

I think only it needs to be solved by the 1% downvote problem. Keep everything else but make it so a downvote has to be 100% or 50% or something.

If that is possible for devs to implement in a hardfork I think it would be ideal

Why there should be a other rule for downvoting then for upvoting?
I dont get it. For me its perfect how its set up now.

I will flag your comment down because i dont want this what you are talking about.

You know what i flag you even more so that its more difficult to read this.

I 100% upvote @truthforce because I think it's childish to try to hide somebody's thoughts and opinion which are just as valid as yours. I wish more would use flags only to hide abuse.

Note I'm not leaving a reprisal flag @tuvokhl because I respect your right to be seen.

I will change my flag @truthforce (thanks to slider) to a lower powerfull downvote.
So that he can be seen.
Because i think the same like you now.

I would be happy if you take away your upvote then if it was only about giving me a lesson.

I got it ;-)

That's nice of you to do.
The point of my upvote was to keep the comment from being hidden. Learning a lesson (if you want to call it that) is a bonus. I'm going to keep the vote since as a matter of course I'm not in the habit of retracting votes.

Good to talk with you.

I disagree ... as it is 10 is too few votes.

With the slider, dolphins and whales can choose how much weight to give a post bringing the "cream" to the top and still supporting things that are good.

As a minnow, I'm rather disappointed that I sometimes see 40+ good quality posts in a day but I can only reward 11 of them if I don't want to lose voting power.

For example, right now I have to wait 4 days to vote at 100% again.

Besides that, downvotes cost as much energy as upvotes. This means if I flag abuse I'm giving up one of my 10 votes. You would think this would discourage downvote abuse, but instead people create bots to downvote otherwise good content in order to increase the pool for their own content (or people they favor)

I like it how it is now. Slider is good. And its also good that upvoting and downvoting is limited.
For me its perfect rules. Because its even.
And you can also just buy more steem.

An idea not yet discussed here might be to keep the slider but have a minimum value of 10%
That way there's plenty of granularity without enabling thousands of daily votes/flags per user.

I would like to see a higher minimum, like 50% at-least. That would be 20 votes maximum. If a whale can vote 40 times a day at 25% they can harass most minnows until they leave the website without anybody noticing. We could always remove the downvote's effect on payouts entirely and only allow it to effect post visibility in extreme cases.