DLease market has heaps of delegation deals up to 14% APR!

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At the time of writing, the DLease Steem market https://steem.dlease.io has over 200K in Steem Power lease requests waiting to be filled, if you have idle Steem Power, head on over to the market page and click the "Delegate" button and fill a lease that fits within how much you have free to delegate.


Remember the columns can be sorted by Amount, Duration, APR etc, but default leases are sorted by APR, 14.04% being the highest at this point in time, which is higher than most other staking, masternode or DeFi options in the greater crypto market.


Market your lease order!

If you would like your lease orders filled, feel free to make a blog post linking to your lease, share it in your chat channel community or on social media, do this by hovering over the lease you created in the market and double-click:


A page will be displayed that shows the details of your lease, you can then copy the url and share it, that easy!


Check out the Dlease FAQ and the comparison of Digital vs Real Estate leasing.

Visit https://dlease.io/market for the latest lease offers!

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Give support to steem and hive.

hive is a shit, stolen everything from steemit.

Can you guys add offer a lease?
Sometimes I have an odd amount of SP to lease and I'd like to be able to lease 934.089 SP as one chunk instead of having to hunt down 3 300SP leases.

Yes that is something I have wanted myself, maybe the ability to fill multiple leases from the same lessee or part fill a larger lease. Will discuss with our team.

Thanks for continuing to support both chains.

I am not able to link my Steem account on https://steem.dlease.io/

It gives message: Unexpected error has occured, please try again later

i can't login with steemconnect nor steemkeychain. not renewing.

It would be a cool idea. I will check it out. Thanks for sharing the valuable information.

What is cool about it?

There should be option to partial fulfilment of request also and this way it will help many users to offer delegation. Thanks.

Greetings @dlease... Advantages that we must learn to use from the beginning, I will learn more about it... I congratulate you on your work.

Saludos @dlease… Ventajas que debemos aprender a usar desde el principio, me informare más al respecto… Los felicito por su trabajo.

it has been a useful sharing 🔥

What was useful about this sharing?

BuildTeam at best, impartial on one side. always success for BuildTeam.

I find it more interesting reading a post about my crush

I'm considering leasing my steem power. I'm leasing HIVE too, and wasn't sure whether doing it with Steem was a secure idea if the price plummets further. But might be worth a crack, after all, who knows what will happen to Steem, or the price? No one ;)

Hi I leased out funds a while back the lease has run out but the funds are still showing as minus in my wallet.how do I get them back.in faq it says there should be a button for that in the expired tab of dashboard but nothing showing up there in my browser

Going to be hard to find Steem leases given the mass powering down.

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