BuildTeam Review: Meet Qryptos, a Revolutionary New Cryptocurrency Exchange Powered by Quoine

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BuildTeam would like to announce that we have a special report for our followers today. In this report we will be reviewing an outstanding cryptocurrency trading platform called Qryptos.

One of the reasons we will be reviewing this exchange is because of their commitment to the Steem blockchain and their promotion of the social networking site Steemit. Another reason we felt compelled to create this comprehensive review is simply because we think that they are awesome!

In June, 2017 a company called QUOINE publically launched a revolutionary new cryptocurrency trading platform called Qryptos is a very unique exchange supporting many different cryptocurrencies. One of the most amazing features of the platform is something many traders have possibly never heard of because as far as we know Qryptos is the first and only exchange ever to offer this feature. The feature we are reffering to is called negative trading fees.

Negative trading fees are designed to generate initial liquidity and are also extremely effective at encouraging new investors to buy and hold a new cryptocurrency.

The way this works is that when the exchange adds a new cryptocurrency to trade, it temporarily offers negative fees on all trades. This results in traders actually getting paid to trade selected cryptocurrencies and encourages liquidity on the platform.

While Qryptos may only have a limited list of actively-traded cryptocurrencies at the moment, its negative fee structure makes it appealing when compared to other major cryptocurrency trading platforms.

If negative fees aren't enough to get you interested in this exchange, what if I told you that there is another unique feature that this exchange has that many other exchanges do not have. Qryptos has its own beta desktop client to facilitate easier trades.

The company focuses on making trading more convenient and efficient and providing an easier experience for novice users to trade cryptocurrencies. It makes trading easy but it also has several advanced features that cater to more experienced cryptocurrency traders as well.

Now here's something else that we found quite interesting. Notice the social media links on the media bar found on the right of Qryptos. The fourth link goes directly to the Qryptos Steemit blog page. How many exchanges do you know that actively promote Steemit (and Steem indirectly) on their front page?

A few more things worthy of mention include the fact that the company is fully compliant with all 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) and 'Anti-money Laundering (AML)' requirements in Singapore, where it is based.

Another point of interest is the fact that Qryptos utilizes a similar trading engine to QUOINE. It has been developed in a way that facilitates up to one million transactions per second at peak performance. Scalability was a key factor in designing Qryptos and this means it will be able to compete for years and decades to come.

BuildTeam is proud to promote Qryptos as we feel its goals and our own goals are aligned. We fully support the Steem ecosystem and Qryptos is one of the only exchanges we have found that actively promotes the Steem blockchain and the Steemit social network as well and uses it to launch their blogs on a regular basis. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make an account today!

Visit Qryptos here:

Have a look at the new Qryptos tutorial video sponsored by BuildTeam:

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This is quite interesting.

Qryptos has its own beta desktop client to facilitate easier trades.

And promoting Steem on their front page? I'm going to create an account once I get home.

yes its great platform i also signup here
great project <3

I'm also doing same ..

good my steem frineds

Like Qryptos, Exodus also have Desktop client for exchange. But surely the negative trading fee concept is very nice & unique.

Negative trading fee concept may help Qryptos Exchange to overtake on others but for that Qrypto have to regularly add cryptocurrencies to their exchange. Which doesn't seems feasible, although we have more than 1450 cryptocurrencies in existence.

Portuguese version / Versão em português

Clique aqui!

wow- every day something new.
I have never heard of QRYPTOS before. Looks interesting.
I wish you luck.

This is a first. Negative fees for going on a exchange platform..
I wonder how long they can hold such a promotion. Definitely worth a review and some more research into before making final call. Thanks.

this is indeed exciting, the only part I'm confused about, is if they love steem so much, why do I not see them as listing steem on coinmarketcap? THAT would be really nice :)

hopefully the B grade from weiss cryptocurrency ratings will get us on a couple more exchanges :-D

Thanks for reviewing Qrptos.
Trusting this exchange platform without the geniune information would be difficult.
Now when steemions are connected to it , I'll surely make an account.

so basically they are cool because they have a steem logo on their front page
It would be better if they would trade steem and SBD, then they would be worth the advertisement or not?
are they going to list Builteam tokens?

Good post, i like it

I just signed up. :)

Thank you for sharing, its a nice post!

I like the post, and following you

Well written man . Good details post overall . Thanks for sharing and help to know about it .Good dear well done . I am looking forward your next post . Best wishes for you. @buildteam

looks good am gonna give a try

Good report @buildteam! I am a newbie here in Steemit and posts like that help and guide us! Thank you guys...

Can I take there money out ? ( exchange coins for cash )

Just a big legend!

wow amazing, when can get in tranding like you hehehe

I appreciate the info. Resteemed!

This is fantastic.. I want to develop my group and keep in touch with u guys :)

this seems very good, and should be supported, hopefully this project works. we are very and always support every project that leads to progress.

looks good. great post !

i wonder how your steem works can you put me true?

post which is very useful for us all. thank you for sharing for knowledge. congratulations for your success is always a friend.

Good post. I liked.

follow me, my account

its great to see a trading website is also promoting steemit and steem. Well great informative post this is!

Extraordinary, I didn't know this EXCHANGE now I'm going to create my account

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This is really good news . I do not think i will stay to think a lot whether i should join or not . My instinct is telling me to do it . Hope my decision will be affirmative.
Thank you .

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is there any free offer for signup????
and is that ico???

I have always been skeptical about kryptocurrencies. With this explanation I feel the need to try it out. Thanks for the concise information. You didn't bore us with so much information.

thanks for this post it was a totally informative article :)

Amazing your post, good job and good luck.

I'm new on steemit and open to contributions from everyone

I don't understand

I want benefit with your services

i really like your post and i enjoy it very with all your post. thanks for solid suggestion.