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Hi! @techblogger here, with an important update about our current efforts in becoming an official EOS Block Producer.

It has only been a few weeks since we announced our candidacy for EOS Block Producer and if you haven't yet read it, please feel free to do so before moving forward with this update.

BuildTeam EOS Block Producer Candidacy Report

Since announcing candidacy as an EOS block producer, BuildTeam has gone ahead and joined the Jungle testnet in an effort to gear up and become familiar with the day to day operations in running a node on the network.

If this interests you, take a second to review the Jungle Testnet Monitor page and find BuildTeam in the list of operating nodes:

In the process of operating our node we've been upgrading to keep up with the testnet and have already gotten a lot of practice with proper upgrade procedures. Beyond that, we have protocols in place to make sure the node is monitored closely and we are able to take quick action in case any issues arise.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

Considering this is the 'Jungle' testnet, we initially appropriately named our node 'btblackviper' and the subsequently renamed it to 'buildteameos'. Based on the experience outlined above are ready to take on the responsibility of becoming one of 21 official block producers responsible for securing the EOS mainnet.

We think we have a very competitive announcement and a very good chance at securing one of these spots. To highlight the strengths of our application we've made a short video so people can get a quick look at what makes us a suitable candidate:

Thank you for your support in helping us achieve this goal. One of our main aims is to unify the communities of all graphene based blockchains and bring about a new age of cooperation and growth. Together we can build the cryptospace in a way that promotes social responsibility and more equitable exchange of value amongst 3rd parties.

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We are always looking to improve @buildteam and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @buildteam, then please drop by and let us know!

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Any plans to offer a secure voting platform or wallet?


We will not personally be providing a voting platform or wallet as some other organizations are already working on such initiatives, and we believe the community should stand behind those efforts rather than try to re-invent the wheel with several different implementations of the same services.

For a voting platform, I'd point you to the promising EOS Portal project.

And for a wallet, there is the excellent Chrome extension called Scatter. It's kind of like an EOS version of the popular MetaMask extension for Ethereum.


non-audited, unknown, 3rd parties... you get my problem?

I am familiar with BuildTeam and you're another BP that I am very likely to vote for, when EOS mainnet launches soon and we have a way t vote.


Thanks a lot for your support, it is appreciated!

This is amazing EOS @buildteam lets take this to the next level.


Exactly :)

Every time we look at the news, there are good news that many give like to the writings that are produced, because why, they are very much influenced by the writings in the reading whether it is information or news that is going on, such as the article that informs about (eos block) for me very useful and add insight in the far outside world with where I live thanks @buildteam

Well I haven't yet read the

candidacy for EOS Block Producer

But I'll read it now, am familiar with BuildTeam or EOS but I wanna know more about it, is there any way you can hook me up with link?
I also wish the EOS project a success😃


The link to our candidacy announcement is right up at the top of this post. And you can get more information about BuildTeam by looking at our past Steem blogs.

It's an interesting topic, I'm going to review it, thanks for your contribution!

I wish the EOS project a success. Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777


Thank you so much :)

Super interesting, thank you for keeping us posted.

The best time came for EOS, I was waiting to see you, EOS will be what we are all waiting for, they have helped a lot in your account with what you share, I am eternally grateful, my friends and I are always attentive. The steemit platform should have the option to choose the accounts that we want to see first in our history of followers

Good luck with your candidacy for block producer. I understand how voting works when steady state, but how does it work on launch when there is no main net in existence and therefore no valid voting portal which can decide on block producers?

Congratulations @buildteam!
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