Announcement - BUILDTEAM Token Now Listed on!

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Hello Steemians! Today it gives us great pleasure to announce our recent listing with one of the top cryptocurrency index websites in the world,

CoinGecko is globally ranked with Alexa at 5812. This means it falls in the top 6000 most heavily visited websites in the world. This can be verified here:

They have recently integrated the Bitshares block explorer; this has enabled CoinGecko to list the BUILDTEAM Token (currently a native Bitshares Asset) with their index.

image alt

If you'd like to keep track of our token and bookmark the index page, it can be found here:

image alt

Currently there are several ways to access the Bitshares DEX and trade BUILDTEAM Tokens.

Firstly there is the standard Bitshares DEX interface:

They can also be traded on:

Rudex -
Openledger -

The fact that BUILDTEAM token was recently listed with CoinGecko means that it can certainly be considered a win-win situation for both Steem and Bitshares exposure. Our token has direct ties to both Bitshares and Steem due to it being a native Bitshares asset and due to our projects being mainly Steem based.

If you are unfamiliar with the BUILDTEAM token we highly recommend you read the post below as it covers some of the most important aspects like the innovative 13 week staking system which was originally intended for Steem SMT's and is in play on the Steem blockchain. The post also covers recent performance of the token which many people may find interesting:

BuildTeam is taking broad steps towards the future!

We would like to say that we are very appreciative that has taken the time to list our token and look forward to making some major announcements about new and innovative services in the coming weeks!

For more information about BuildTeam go ahead and visit our website at or jump into our discord and we'd be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Here's to a bright blockchain future!

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What's the ROI for staking the BuildTeam token?

The payouts fluctuate but im getting around 5 times better returns then i get from curation here. (if i did the math correctly :) )

Sorry, but I need to know the average ROI to be able to compare with other Cryptos as well, not just with Steem.

From 1.12.2018 till today i made 29.12 STEEM on a 400 STEEM investment. And that is with buying BT tokens at a 40% higher price then theyre selling for now.First 200 staked at 1.12. and i think i staked the other 200 a few weeks later.

Well the payouts are in STEEM so the best comparison would be to that of SP curation payouts.

So if i stake BT token how will i get payout for stacking...can u please elaborate in details....

They cannot give you an ROI because it is either low or negative(they nor I want to do the math now). There is dillution of the token that nobody talks about until the break even.(which nobody has yet, I don't think). There is a google doc out there that lists all the stakes and it could help with research. I will have to look for it.

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This is the google docs that shows all the stakeholders. You will want to read up on how the tokens are created/burned first to find out more of how the ROI is calculated.

This may interest you

There is a dilution of 5000 tokens per month (2500 per period), not all of it makes it to the liquid market, tokens can only be earned by our developers and team members and some of them stake 75% or even 100% of what they earn.

The emissions are very low compared to other crypto, revenues should overtake emissions as BuildTeam projects mature and as the market becomes more bullish. It is a good idea to keep topping up on your staked amount, infact the BuildTeam token can be likened somewhat to the mechanics of the game, the more you build up your base of operations the greater the share you get of the global production, incentive to keep building up your stake. Prices are ridiculously low right now.

I did stake back in 2017 and then un-staked it all recently. I was seeing the percentage of my stake slowly go down, even when re-investing the steem that I earned from the stake. Has anyone broke even on their "stake/investement" yet with the buildteam token? I do like the services being supported by the token, but some people are blindly going into this without true numbers. I was just pointing out to @cryptoeera that ROI has not been researched, or nobody has shown it yet.

Sure. Your stake % goes down with more people staking. Thats very clear. The thing that gives the token value are the projects being built by the BUILDTEAM.
All that matters is that they continue to build more and more revenue streams.
The only problem is see occuring is them being too charitable with allocating the tokens to devs.

Question is if you trust Buildteam growing and being successful.

And after reading the analysis post again, they had just shy of 70 million BT staked. It is now up to 74 Million staked. I understand the 5000 being created per month. What is happening is creation of the tokens are too high, and the amount already distributed is high as well. I can see them growing and being successful, but at some point the tokens will be diluted so much, the investors will be holding the bag.

More info here.
You basically get payed every 15 days to your STEEM wallet.

No, I compare with all other Cryptos as well; because if I see a better return on my investment, I simply withdraw money from Steem and go to that Crypto. Understand?

Sure. Thats the best i could do.

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Thanks for trying to explain it, as I just mentioned to @cryptoeera, there is a post on an analysis we did on payout I hope that helps.

Like lord butterfly says, it's kind of hard to give you a set figure when crypto is so volatile at this moment, but like all other crypto you need to take the chance and invest now and wait for the bull run so you can reap the rewards.

Hi @cryptoeera, it fluctuates depending on how much people use our services such as and how much revenue BuildTeam gets for that period, there is this post where we did some numbers on it


CoinGecko is my favorite since I heard about them, I downloaded their iOS App, and it’s amazing!

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Super excited about this!!

That is great news that was long overdue! Great to see @coingecko supporting the initiative as well!

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I liked your post. Announcement - Bulletime Token Thank you for informing us about this issue listed on You'll get more from you in the future post. Thank you

Wooow, es interesante


My heartfelt congrats to you for your proud achievement. Wishing you success in your future endeavours.

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That is great! Congrats!!!!

Hi, @buildteam!

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Huge update for us. hope more improvement to come in the future.

thanks for your important update

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Great job! Super news

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Hopefully buildteam can develop

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