@buildawhale blacklist update

in buildawhale •  10 months ago

If you are mentioned below, you have a free all-access pass to our blacklist. This is a pretty exclusive club, with many benefits, none of which are an upvote from us.

Fear not, you will not be alone.

All bids from these users will be rejected and will be used to fund efforts to make Steemit great again.

coffeebreak fabdulrafi fabdulrafi1 fadhilaceh filmcomplet powerupme ftriani12 gagabah gameguy gantianbrooh gdfood hd-movie-watch helal93 henk14 herih511 hidayah hredoy hudalarrayyan28 iglikaivanova7 ijah indahpdwaktunya iqbalkhan isnadea jacqueline21 jakirhossain32 karyadunia kiki12 lucyheart lusiana92

If you want to nominate someone to this exclusive club, contact us in #abuse on our Discord

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hello friend. to my post was not done upvote,translated 8.228 steem can you return them to me? @aleqssteemiter

Is there anyway to get back on whitelist. Where I can talk to get out of blacklist

hello i just send 10 sbd but didnt het a vote? why?


You have a vote: