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Another post about code right? Why do you guys still follow me, my rants aren't that fun to read about(at least I don't think so).


But haha, I've been having a "fun" day. Earlier today I decided to fix one of the bugs in one of my codebase. Now this bug wasn't a major one, and it was just causing multiple entries to be made in the DB. That wasn't a problem at all as those would be cleared out in due time. And since I was nowhere near the storage limits for the server, I had no need to fix it.

But I decided that fixing that one bug would be what I do today. Whats the saying, if it can be done in under 20 minutes do it now? TERRIBLE idea.

Now this thing I was working on was an autovoter that followed some guidelines. Pretty simple right? I did what I needed to do to fix it, and deployed it. Problem solved, I can go back to relaxing and patting myself on the back for a job well done.


The old method used a library created by someone else and I basically rewrote a very small part of it myself. But I forgot to change one thing. Only look for root posts instead of all posts. So both posts and comments were being voted. Easy fix for that too right? Added 3 lines in and boom, life's all good.

Nope, this too was broken for some reason. I found the problem and fixed it(typed one word wrong) and have yet to deploy it(will do soon after posting this), but you fix 1 bug and create 3 more.

So thats been my day. What about you?

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Testing something, #weedcash.

Yes, some days one step forward and two steps back.

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Yup, and all this can be avoided by less reliance on third party libraries. This one hasn't been maintained in over a year, and it gave me problems on an old project too. I used it for a quick and dirty way to get something up and running and look at what it did.

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So true, but we are not able to always write our own:weary:

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Definatley, I use larger modukes that are well maintained but these smaller ones are where rhe problems happen.

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Well said, easy narration....Keep it up!!