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Discover Steem Budget Proposals!

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@drorion thank you very much for being the first to delegate after seeing this post! The voting bot is just going live now and we are very grateful for your generous contribution!

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@jerrybanfield Ok, after reading your second post , I've finally fully understood this one.
And changed delegation to 15K


Outstanding thank you very much!


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My today use steemit
Please help me.
All Sir,thank.

do i post on tag #budget and send 0.1 @jerrybanfield with memo of my post link ?

Am very new to steemit and would like to do all the things you have mentioned, but I think one thing at a time first...I did enter for your supernatural story thingy of 1000 words. Am a bit disappointed so far that I only get one or two votes on each post, but am hoping in the days, weeks and months ahead that things will change. I'm glad I've found you, jerrybanfield, because you give good information.