New STEEM Windows / Android APP in development - Steem Budget Proposal @jerrybanfield

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I'm in development stage of new STEEM software for Windows and Android
devices, that will interact with STEEM blockchain (read and transact) in various ways.
Right now i cannot say anything else in public because i wanna to keep it
secret as much as possible.

@jerrybanfield and to other investors:

I need 1200 SBD to cover minimum 6 months of work and hardware / software
( Visual Studio / DevExpress licences ) costs.
Work progress will be presented on, GitHub, and of course
on periodically with posts.

I hope i can get investors from / and from
to start with this project as, right now, i don't have any other job.

In discussion with friends on Steemit @guiltyparties @patrice i came up with cool
STEEM Windows and Android project ideas on first place.
With my knowledge (Microsoft Certified) i hope, can bring great value to STEEM
community developing cool Windows and Android apps.

Thanks again @guiltyparties @patrice for support !

Also, I would like say in advance "Thank you" to everyone who will fund my new projects.

If you are interested to invest, or to get with me in private in touch for more details,
you can leave me message on (user @cryptomonitor).
You can also leave comment, but i cannot reveal all infos to public in this early stage
where i need to collect funds.

I will keep you all updated.

Steem Budget Proposal - created from instructions from @jerrybanfield 's post:

I hope i did it right ;)

Thank you

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Thank you for submitting this proposal! Anything funded needs to be fully explained for transparency because then we can see why it was funded. For a USD equivalent of $12,000 requested here it is not clear exactly what the app will do which is critical for funding!


@jerrybanfield - i have spoken about my projects with people on chat which are project managers on Steemit - they decided for me is not best way to go; to disclosure to public right now, my windows application or/and android app. Because, from here, someone will be able to steel your idea. Because i know this will be huge at the end, do you have any suggestions how i can do it in this phase to attract more investors? I'm open to discuss in DETAIL with every serious investor about this projects on or here. Any suggestion will be helpfull. Right now, all i can say is that apps will be able to interact with STEEM blockchain in various ways. Becouse, we don't have much users on Windows and Android platform so far i know, this will be huge. Thank you.