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Some stats can be really shocking...

(by the way, you should source your images, or you may get taken down for plagiarism)

hope civil war end very soon

Very powerful message
Might be good to add the source of those images or better use your own or personal writing.

Better check after a while if there are coming any sources, as this seems like trying to fish out for upvotes by messing with peoples feelings. :(


I had that kind of feeling as well #fishing4upvotes That's why I didn't vote.
I prefer personal stories
I hope we are wrong @apsu

So do I. I have no personal contact in war, but as a parent I feel bad for pain of children and I hope nobody tries to profit from that pain.

You express exactly my sentiments. I am also a mother and those pictures effect me deeply.

i'm just a beginner
idk about that did some research and posted nth to be harsh on it
anyway thank you for your comment i've appreciated that :)

It is really very powerful

thank you for your appreciation and suggestion too :)

When a picture paints a thousand words...

thousand words of pain and suffering

Oh very heart breaking, so sad for these children.

I wish we had more solutions. This is a tragedy, and it is happening in too many places around the world.

hope it ends very soon everywhwere

Yes - solutions

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thanks for sharing

The post is very interesting and sad in my mind.

I have worked for years and years on making myself aware of all the problems in this world, including first looking at myself. I have come up with a solution and created a foundation for it. I know we have to start somewhere, and I believe we need to first start with uniting ourselves and organising ourselves - citizens like ourselves together. the same way this shit is organised and excicuted, there is no immediate solution, a solution will take time, dedication and a lot of money as all ways.

yuss your words are very true

this is really an eye opener

War is always bad ... :)

It so sad
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