BTFG Burst Pool Manual

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BTFG Manual

Burstcoin Info
BTFG Pool Info
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What is the minimum payout of the pool ?

The pool pays out a miner, only when the miner balance reach 20 burst, and once every week, independently by the user balance, all pending above 1 BURST, are paid out, the clearance of all the pending balances, happens when the pool, find the first block of the saturday starting GMT

What are shares ?

shares are a computation of every best deadline a miner submitted to the pool, they are not BURST, so having (for example) 37.5 shares, don't means that the miner holds 37.5 BURST, is only a math value, and when the pool wins a block, the value of the block is divided by the total shares accumulated on the pool and multiply by the single shares of every miner to determine the number of BURST every miner will receive. "Shares" of a pie....

What is TargetDeadline ?

Target Deadline, is a parameter, that most pools use to cut submissions of DL that goes over a certain number of days or months, also miner programs, has it on the config file, in this pool we don't have a constrain on target deadlines, so is possible to send all the deadlines, but better to know that, also if there is no constrain, deadlines that are over 5 years, obtains 0.00 shares, so basically they are worthless, so is better to configure the miner to send only deadlines under 5 years, the value to put on the config file is 157,680,000. How is calculated it ? 5yrs x 365days x 24Hours x 60Minutes x 60Seconds = 157,680,000
1 Year = 31,536,000
30 days = 2,592,000 and so on...

Contributors and Acknowledgement

BTFG Owner: @Valareos
BTFG Admin: Cesmak
Tech Writer: @Valareos, Cesmak
Help Desk: Icarusfixius, Gambie
Pool Source: Lex Pool
Pool Source Dev: @Lexicon
BTFG Pool Dev: @Valareos

Special Thanks to sayem314

Pool Code Changes

Following are changes made to the base Lex Pool code for BTFG Pool


Added StaticAddr, StaticFee and StaticRnd . This can be used to send a set amount of burst to an address. (used for Ant Lotto)


Added StaticAddr/StaticFee coding
Added socket.emit for pending balance to update at every block, instead of every time we find a block
Added socket.emit for payments sent so it can update a block after we get paid
Created code to Pay out any pending over 1 burst once a week only. ( to clear out inactives)`


Commented out message about share expiring

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Hey mate, the white paper you linked is from SpaceMint =]


You are correct! Burst originally was created as a ICO with premine. year later the dev disappeared without a trace. since it was open source, the community took it over, and concerns addressed by the spacemint whitepaper were merged. Spacemint does not exist as its own coin. But I did do some digging and found the Proof of Space whitepaper from the original iteration. Ill add that in and have both linked.

love the new pools thanks