Instruction for Lexbot (a Burst Bot for Discord)

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For the original Dev Information on the bot, please go to Burst Discord Bot: Lex Bot. If you like the bot, please click that link and upvote it!

Lex-Burst-Bot is a Bot designed to help integrate the use of Burst coin into the Discord Platform. By clicking the link above, you can install this bot onto your own server, and make use of many of the features.

Lex-Burst-Bot was created by @Lexicon, one of the current Devs for Burst Coin

One of the major uses of this bot is its use as a micro-wallet for Burstcoin. The Bot dynamically generates an account for each user based on a keypair that is tied to their account. Through the Bot, you can check your balance, set your reward assignment for mining, and even send burst to any address. Below is a list of commands.

Lex-Burst-Bot Commands


Lists available commands


gets info on how many servers/users the bot can see

!burstbalance #account

If you leave [User or Address] blank, you get your own balance. If you put a Burst Address in, you get that address balance. You can also do @user to get another discord user's burst balance.
!burstbalance or !burstbalance @Valareos or !burstbalance BURST-6YBP-TDPA-27KD-9MQVX

!bursttip #account #amount

This will send Burst from your discord account to another account. The amount they receive will be what you put in the amount - transaction fee, which is usually 1 Burst.
!bursttip @Valareos 51 or !bursttip BURST-6YBP-TDPA-27KD-9MQVX 51


Burst Wallet install instructions. This is only needed if you want a wallet on your computer. Please note, you can only assess your discord based burst account through discord!

!burstsetrewardrec #address

You can use this to set your reward recipient so you can mine directly to your Discord account. The reward address is usually listed on the pool's information page.
!burstsetrewardrec BURST-6YBP-TDPA-27KD-9MQVX

!burstgetasset #assetid

gets info on an asset
!burstgetasset 9036920395530551012

!burstgetblock #height

Gets the block info for block height specified

Ticker Commands

!price #ticker

Gets CoinMarketCap information on a ticker
!price burst

!tickerpolo #ticker

Gets Poloniex information on a ticker
!tickerpolo btc_burst

!tickerbittrex #ticker

Gets Bittrex information on a ticker
!tickerbittrex btc_burst

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