BitcoinLatina (BCL) & BitShares -- The SAVIORs of LATIN AMERICAN Commerce!

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Greetings Fellow Ninjas and Steemcrawlers

Urgent news from the front, regarding our favorite recent project,


If any of you have been following our Telegram Chat ( you will know that we have been keeping tabs on this newly founded program called BitcoinLatina. This great project is helping many new users get involved with cryptos-currencies.

The program has an amazing idea -- Trying to bring beauty of crypto-currency commerce to the un-banked and un-connected people of the Latin world.

Even people with no internet!

This really strikes a chord with us ninjas, because we're all about self growth and changing the world at the same time.


Moves like this are a huge step forward for the Crypto-Community and the world!

If you haven't been following along, you can join our chat and we will teach you how to get involved.

Currently you can mine the coin on GPUs as well as learn about the trading aspect. BitcoinLatina is the most charitable foundation I have found, and I've been involved in cryptos for a long time.

I love the fact they are airdropping 50% of the total tokens freely out over time! The generosity of John Gotts (Founder & CEO) and the rest of the BCL team have really shown that they have their eye on the ball
and the big picture in mind.

We are big fans of 'failing forward' here at the Ninjas, and always learn from every mistake, even from others. That is why we truly support the move from BCL away from ETHash to BitShares and eventually EOS. BitShares has long been the Ninjas favorite exchange. Nothing comes close!

Bitcoin Latina (BCL) - you have 100% BTCNINJAS SUPPORT!

The community has been through some ups and downs already since the inception of the project, but this FUD and baised thought patterns have only bolstered the BCL foundation and caused most of us to become much closer and more intricately passionate about the project. We love you, BCL.

I truly hope everyone takes the time to check out BitcoinLatina, they are utilizing the BitShares blockchain which, as of current, is the fastest blockchain in the world.
BitShares and Steemit are processing over 2/3 of all crypto transactions already! All the while utilizing under 0.5% blockchain capacity! No other Blockchain comes close.

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We are a newly formed community,
Dedicated to personal growth - while making the world a better place :)

As always, wishing you MASSIVE PROFITS!

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The good step to starting the project of @bitcoinLatina! hope this community will grow up soon best wishes from @moeenali

Great job spif.... follow @lurehound

Resteemed by @lurehound

Good community ☮❤ⓣⓡⓤⓣⓗ @spitheninja . i really appreciate your work best of Resteemed


Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words!

NICELY done.
Ninja approved


And ninja tested! lol

Nice post, ultimately Bitcoin Latina intends on issuing a billion coins. What thoughts do you have on the ultimate market cap of this coin and price target, it seems to be trading around $2 at the moment?



Thanks ♥♥

I know you have a group of readers and youre writing to them primarily. Consider the title as a little overboard because it implies Latin Americans are living in some lowly situation and that they need our help. Maybe change what u said and talk about joining Latin Americans with Blockchain.


Whitepaper describes how this technology will be used to connect some of the most remote areas of the Latin American Community, and you should also check out the interviews with the founder over at @bluerocktalk. Huge.

This is not referring solely to the places that already have connection to the internet, but also trying to connect people who don't.

Places like Venezuela are realizing crypto is the answer to overcoming things like Government Corruption and runaway inflation, at a time when their currency has been devalued to less than the value of dirt.

Thanks for the reply!


This screenshot shows unprecedented rise within the last 6 months in Venezuela alone (this is only LBC volume)

Imagine what BCL can do!


Also, imagine what usage this could bring to BitShares / EOS :) :)


Yes, thank you. I'm a community manager for BCL. Thank you for the User Generated Content we posted it amongst our Slack channel.

Why did this coin have a 1 billion coin premine?

Why does the CEO receive 10 million coins per year in salary?

Why is he buying coins with funds from the Trust in the market for $1 - $4 after selling them to the public for $17 a piece?

Why did the CTO get taken off the Team page on the day of their BitcoinTalk Announce?

This project deserves major due diligence. Research and answer these questions for yourself. Buyer beware.


I think he's getting 10mil over 4 years, stated in the chat (I might be wrong). Which is a pretty fair number. He has already given some of his personal coins too, actually

With 50% being granted freely to the public, I think you yourself could easily amass 10million over 4 years :)

The foundation also made it very clear that the pre-sale of coins was being used to fund the project, many projects (such have EOS) have used a similar model. Therefore, the pre-sale price, and the current price are not linked at all -- anyone who bought in with a different idea should have listened to the interview with John on @bluerocktalk or done a bit more research.

The gesture of buying the coins off the market was done as a good faith gesture to appease the miners and keep the price at what he believed to be a fair range for the current. He also believed he was getting the coins at a low price, and if what he says is true about the future.. it probably is.

He purchased so people wouldn't lose faith too early in this project which has a lot of promise -- but in a market where people tend to lose faith and interest quickly, spreading FUD and Doubt for literally no reason. People are not happy with anything they get.

As always, investing is done on a personal basis, and if you didn't know these things before purchasing in a few weeks ago, you were not making an informed decision.

Thanks for your reply, cheers!


Also, regarding the premine -- the coins are being handed out a multitude of different ways, how can they NOT premine all of the coins? Does that make sense ?

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Valuable and informative post about bitcoin latina and bIt share