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Time to Turn this Thing Around

…Key Statement:

Bulls need to turn this price action around – turn it upside down, as it were. The market is getting sufficiently oversold whereby we may just get a turn-around in the not too distant future. Where such a turn-around may lead longer term is still up for grabs. Oh yeah, one more thing I forgot to highlight, - we got a weekly sell signal on Sunday night too... (see the video update for more details.)

4-Hour ChartMixedCaptured6,6115,9207,7908,366

Daily ChartBullish5,9205,7748,4969,948

Long-TermPosition BiasDatePrice
Weekly ChartBearish8-6-20187,028.89

SECULARBiasLow 2018Target 2018
Monthly ChartBearish3,595?11,200 min? / 37,419 max?

…BTC Update

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BTC - Weekly Trading Chart - 8-6-18.png

…Video Update

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I trust that the preceding analysis and proof of work herein are generally objective, explicitly actionable and informative, and of relative and meaningful value for all those who perceive such analysis as a backstop to their individual ends.

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Justice for All

DISCLAIMER: This post and all of the analysis contained herein serves general information purposes only. I am not a registered financial adviser. The material in this post does not constitute any trading or investment advice whatsoever. The trend-following strategies explained herein are for example only, and should not be construed as trading or investment advice in any way. The same thing goes for anyone subscribing to the Long-Term Trend Monitor. The subscription simply shares with subscribers what several automated trend-following systems are doing, and that’s all. The bullish and bearish alerts provided therein are for information purposes only, and they are not to be construed as advice to buy or sell. At the time of this writing, the author holds a small position in BITCOIN and several other crypto-currencies. Please conduct your own due diligence, and seek counsel from an accredited financial advisor before making any trading or investment decisions. Should you decide to mirror or copy any investment or trading examples from this or any other related source, the decision to do so is entirely your own - as are the inherent risks involved in doing so. I am not responsible for any of your losses. By reading this post, you acknowledge and accept to never hold me accountable for any financial losses. Thank you.


I cant say i understand Fibonacci, nor can i say i followed the trends long enough to make any general statements. I just know it has never been as bad for the crypto market ever since i got into crypto. The better i do on Steem, the worse it gets for crypto. Maybe a "Marica wave" analysis is hidden somewhere down the line. :D

Hahaha... I must contemplate such prospects thoroughly... The "Marica Theory" as it were... I've got my work cut out for me... hehe...

Just keep doin' what you do, girlfriend... - all this other "technical" stuff regarding "price levels" will work itself out in due course...

At the end of the day, all of your efforts will be that much more appreciated from a financial standpoint!

Much love, and thanks for dropping your comment and sharing your thoughts!


True! Bulls need to push this. Following.

Agreed! Thank you, brother!

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