Step By Step Guide On Claiming BitcoinCash from Mycelium Wallet

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Mycelium is one of the best secure cross platform wallets available. So, it's no brainer many Bitcoin hodlers chosen it to store their Bitcoins during HardFork.

However, with Mycelium there is no way to claim BitcoinCash airdrop.

So, today I am gonna show you step by step by tutorial on claiming BitcoinCash — if you stored your Bitcoins in Mycelium.

Note: Screenshots given here are from Mycelium android wallet, there might be difference on other platforms.

1.Open your Mycelium wallet. And get Master Seed of your wallet.

  • Click on three dots on top right corner and click on Backup. Give a hell yeah to the confirmation message.

  • On next screen, it will show you 12 words one by one, make sure to write them at secure place.

  • Once you're done, Mycelium will ask you to confirm the words again.

2.Setting up things

  • On next screen, enter the Master Seed that you got from Mycelium wallet. And leave BIP39 Passpharase box unchecked.

  • Set up strong password on next screen, and click next.

  • Select Bitcoin from the list.

Your wallet is ready. You will see your Mycelium Bitcoins here.

3.Claiming BitcoinCash

  • Click on the top left menu, then click on + COINS and select BitcoinCash.

A pop dialog will appear, click on "Advanced Settings", in derivation path enter:


that's zero BTW

In description you can write whatever you want. In password field enter your password and click on add.

That's it, Let wallet sync and you will see BitcoinCash equivalent to Bitcoins in your wallet.


Thanks! This also works for collecting Bitcoin Gold from the same Mycelium address, the only difference is using Bitcoin Gold from the +Coins instead of Bitcoin Cash. Same M/44H/0H/0H in derivation path.

Thanks for your help, most appreciated. Even I was able to get my bch and btg.

You explained it quite easily with pictures.

Thank you!

BTW, This same process works with importing Bitcoin Cash tokens from a Mycelium Wallet also:

  • go to Coinomi wallet,
  • add currency, select Bitcoin Cash,
  • then advanced and enter the same text in the derivation path as instructed here for BCH:


I have an older Mycelium Single Address. When exporting to get the private key, it shows a much shorter string with no "xpriv" prepended to it. This has made the "Restore a Wallet" option unavailable for Coinomi. Sweeping seems to be the only option available. Will this only move my BTC or will I be able to access my BCC too?

I have no idea, sorry!

Did this option work for Your Single Address?
You swept Single Address mycelium wallet from Coinomi, and were able to get your BCC??

No it doesn't work for that kind of wallet.... still looking for a solution to that. Ridiculous that Mycellium offers zero help for that. Non-HD Mycellium encrypted paper wallet. There must be a way but, how is taking a while to figure out.

You are the best mate! :) Appreciate it!

THANK YOU! I've been trying to figure out how to do this with Mycelium.

The main problem I'm facing though is the fact that I'm running the IOS version. It's a little less developed but I think I should still be able to get the seed words.

Coinomi doesn't work on Iphones though. Do you have another recommendation on where to claim Bitcoin Cash?

Yes, Coinomi is only available on android devices.

You can get cheap android devices, try it. Imo Coinomi is simplest way to claim BCH. Still if i come across something will let you know :)

I can 't afford to get a new phone right now. Thanks for the info nonetheless!

Thank you this was super easy and worked really well for me.

On a side note Coinomi has very clear instructions that did not work for me on how to gain access to bitcoin cash and sweep your mycelium wallet into your coinomi wallet by obtaining the private keys from your mycelium addresses butt only the first private key had a tiny bit of funds in it I checked through over 1000 more private keys and could not find any other funds so that's when I went back to Google searching and searching and found this.

I think how it works when you're sweeping the funds I think you're actually moving them. As opposed to when you restore your mycelium wallet with the coinomi app using the 12 words You're simply gaining access to funds without actually moving them.

Thanks for that, it helped me a lot!

I spent the last couple of days playing around with the derivation paths to try and understand them better.
I was having trouble importing my mycelium wallet because i had many accounts, not just one.
So i found the bip32 derivation paths for the different accounts you have in your mycelium wallet are these:

(This is provided you have restored your Coinomi wallet using the same 12 words from your Mycelium Wallet).

Your first account is account #0, so:

Account 0 is at Derivation Path M/44H/0H/0H
Account 1 is at Derivation Path M/44H/0H/1H
Account 2 is at Derivation Path M/44H/0H/2H
Account 3 is at Derivation Path M/44H/0H/3H and so on...

The logic here is :
M/44H (purpose)
/0H (type of coin 0=BTC & 145=BCH)
/3H (Account#3).

Hope it helps those who try to import their BCH from Mycelium and they cannot see their funds because they have or had multiple accounts!

By the way, it's also possible to use those same derivation paths to access the BTC in your various Mycelium accounts, you just add a new BTC coin with that path in the advanced settings.

This is not a sweep, you access your funds directly like if you where using the Mycelium wallet!

Woa! You can make post on this!

I thought i would do it this week, but i wanted to let people know right now as i found it out because i know many people are stressing about this and can't move their funds around until there is a clear solution out there. And i'm sure many people found your post already here.

Also i know the iOS people are waiting for an automated solution.
Thanks very much libert! :)

I found a great article that explains it very well, it's explained in the small "hints" paragraph:

Hope it helps !

Thank you, much appreciated :)

Thanks so much have been stressing about this for awhile now.

Thank you, I have been looking bout trying to find out how to Liberate my bitcoincash. Not tried it yet but this looks like the best most straight forward methos I have seen. The pictures you have included ae really good too. Thanks again.

If you encounter any hiccups feel free to comment

Magic just done it on Android works a treet :) Thank you.

I am glad, it worked for you :)

Thanks for this info. However, is it possible to claim BCH if you have moved your Bitcoin to a hardware wallet (after the split) using a different seed and private key? Or is my Bitcoin cash not available to claim now that the Mycelium wallet is empty of Bitcoin? Any help much appreciated!

Thing is if your address had funds when snapshot was taken then you are eligible for the BCH, doesn't matter what you did with funds after that.

Try to restore your empty wallets seed in coinomi wallet and see what happens. Hopefully it should work.

Thanks, that sounds hopeful. Coinomi support also responded yesterday;

"Yes, as long as you have the private key that the BTC were on at the time of the fork, then you can retrieve. Just read these FAQs for more information and then sweep the BTC private key into your BCH wallet. Let us know if you have any questions."

Kind Regards,
Coinomi Support

All about forks
How to extract private keys from other wallets
Can I import a standard private key to Coinomi?

I've tried several times, and coinomi is not showing my BTC when I type in the master seed from mycelium. Even if it's too late to get bch, I'd like to know how this is done so I can jump in on some of the other forks about to happen.

Process is same idk why it's not showing up :/

Good article. Is step 1 necessary if you already have your original seed?

Wanted to let you know @bellyrub is now at 50k SP : )

Thank you but 0-100% don't seem to worth for me, i checked your last votes - it was 4% and 37%? The reason I use rando and minnowbooster because they always give investment back.

Thanks for share it help.

Hmm. Who does not backup their wallets on the initial setup?? I already have a seed and do not wish it to share anywhere else on the internet, especially other apps. So I had some bitcoin in mycellium (call it portion 1), then had transfered another batch of bitcoin to same wallet (call it portion 2), for which BCH was already claimed. How do I claim BCH for portion 1 of bitcoin in my mycellium wallet without sharing seed, nor bitcoin leaving mycelium app and staying maximally safe?

That would be helpful, lol.

Ouch, my skills died in this question 😂

Sorry mate.

I am Groot! :D

Thanks for this post @libert, it was really helpful. The only question I have is what do you recommend doing with the original wallet? Now you have 2 wallets accessing the same funds. What would be the best thing to do to keep your funds safe in only 1 wallet? Thanks!

I didn't got your question quite properly.

As long as you only have access to private key funds are safe.

I guess my question is how to get rid of the first wallet without impacting the second one. Let's say I only want to keep using Coinomi and don't want Mycelium to have access to the funds anymore. Thanks!

You can just unisnstall mycellium then.

i hope the same tutorial for bitcoingold soon !

Tutorial would be nearly same, just replace BitcoinCash with Bitgold in tutorial.

Hope that helps!

What if I had some BTC on a paper wallet at the time of the fork for BTG? Will that work as well using Coinomi?

And also I had some BTC on Coinbase wallet - how to do it in this case to get the BTG?

You can't claim btg from coinbase, neither they give you access to private keys so your btg are lost.

And for first question try to import paper wallet's private key into coinomi.

I have an HD account in Mycelium with no funds, but I have a single address account (paper wallet) used in Mycelium and I want to claim my BCHs.
Would it work, if I would send my BTCs to my HD Mycelium account first and then sweep the private key into Coinomi to claim my BCH?
As soon as I sweep, there won't be any funds on my paper wallet right?

I have very similiar ( if not the same issue) .
I have an HD Account ( Mycelium) with zero Balance, and a Single address with All my BTC.

I tried using my 12 word Master seed but it only brought up my HD Address with zero funds.

I have a separate Address for my Single address, and im not sure if the Private Key is the same for both.

Nervous of making a mistake by transferring funds to HD ACT Bc im almost positive the btc wasnt in their at time of fork.

And im pretty positive i wasnt given ANOTHER 12-WORD Master seed for my Single Address..


Try importing your paper wallets private key into Coinomi.

If you send funds from paper wallet to mycellium now then you won't get any BCH because snapshot of BTC balances is already taken in August.

no, not true, because the amount of BCH are still on this private key and on a different chain. Already claimed it, thanks!

Do you beleive My HD Address & Single Address has Same Private Key like yours did?

If so i should be able to do what you did to Claim my BCH

I beleive i have a similiar ( if not same ) scenario as you.
I have an HD account with mycelium but also have a Single Address account in which the Single Address has the BTC in it.
( When my funds were in the HD Account it kept Saying backup funds, and after numerous attempts at fixing this , the only resolve i foind was moving them to the Single Address and backing it up .Says local trader account in green.

So i Followed the Same Directions that worked for everyone else / Put in my 12 word passphrase from Mycelium and it Transferred My HD Accounts Address with No balance , and My Single Address Remained.

So im not sure HOW to Transfer the Single Address bc there "Apparently" isnt a 12 word passphrase connected to it??

The BTC has been in this Single Address well Before August .

Im not Sure How to transfer funds to my Original HD Account, (i could figure that out ) but not Sure i should since the " snapshot" was taken while the BTC was in Single Address.

So i try to follow what you did and trasfer to HD Account ( that i already copied to Coinomi) ...
OR i try to Sweep My Single Address into Coinomi like @libert suggested ( also don't know how to go about doing ) lol.. Laughing out of frustration but in HOPES SOMEONE CAN GIVE SOME HELP.


Great step by step guide! Thank you!

Fantastic article, and now i have 0.24pence in Bitcoin cash :-) SCORE

@libert got you a $1.65 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@libert got you a $1.65 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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I got a bellyRub and this post has received a 1.54 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @libert.

Thank you for your post! I'm also trying to claim BCH from Mycelium and transfer to Coinomi. Thing is, I already have BCH in my Coinomi wallet, do I still follow the same procedures you shared?

Thing is BCH you currently have would be using different seed,

Click there dots at Top right >>Settings >> show recovery phrase

Write it down/backup.

Now, clear data of Coinomi app and follow the post, claim your bch.

That's it, you will get bch in both accounts.

Now, you can transfer it or let it be there.

Let me know if you need any other help.

Thanks! Claimed em!

It took you 9 days lol

haha! just wasn't able to get around to doing it right away. I have a question, here's the scenario: i have a mycelium with some coins in it, and i create a coinomi wallet where I use the mycelium seed to restore old wallet. I should then see the funds on the coinomi wallet. But that doesn't remove the funds from my mycelium right?
Don't I end up having 1 account in 2 separate wallets?

Nope. Suppose, you use same seed in 10 different wallets then you will be able to access your funds in all those wallets. That doesn't mean you have 10 acs, it means they are all under 1 seed.

Hope that resolves your query 😉

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