Is bitcoin being rejected here?

in btc •  9 days ago

If you look at BTC in non-log chart there is a downtrend forming that may be being confirmed right now.


We absolutely must rally at this point of the game from a technical perspective.

I am personally still bullish for various other reasons, but if we do not go higher and break thru 4100-4300 I think a move below 3k is most likely.

By the way I put out a bounty for trading setup:

So far there has not been any submission so the bounty in its entirety is up for grab.





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We do seem to be at a critical juncture. What are other analysts saying about this?

@knircky i sent 0.250 steem to @steem-bounty with a post attached to it buti didn't got bounty to my post.plz check once.
Thank you


There is a min of 0.5 steem. Come chat with me via telegram I will refund the money


Yaa that's my mistake i always keep 0.5 or 1 steem for @knircky no need to refund you helped me a lot.i will not repeat this one.anyhow how can i find you in telegram?

I agree as the altcoin rally could be short lived of bitcoin fails to survive a wave of technical selling. However, volumes still look somewhat healthy!

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I´m bullish all the way, but I agree with you, the analysis don´t lie and this is a critical moment. Personally, I still have some money waiting to buy BTC, so I wouldn't mind it going to $3K...

linear charts are always very brutal when it comes to downtrends. They go straight down to 0$.

I agree that it is important to move up as another drop will really crush the spirit of many people. However I expect this long term downward trend to be broken soon and us staying in the 3800-4000 range for at least another month.

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