Bounty: Show me your best trade setup

in trade •  12 days ago

Looking for trade setups.

What is a setup you like right now and want to share.

In order to qualify it needs:

  • a chart that displays the setup
  • clear entry and exit points
  • stop loss
  • Risk/Reward ratio
  • Short description why you like it and are actually taking it

Post your setup in the comment or a link to a post you made on steem about it to receive part or the entire bounty

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Yesterday I had a pretty good trade with Wanchain, based on some simple indicators:

  • bearish RSI divergence
  • bearish MACD histogram divergence


I sold somewhere around 0.46c and put a limit buy order just above the 0.5 Fibonacci retracement, at around 0.40c. That's a ~13% profit. I didn't actually have a 'stop loss' because it wasn't margin trading, so in the worst case scenario Wanchain goes up and I'm left with USDT. If it would have been a margin position, my stop loss would be around 0.49c, just a little higher than the current highest high.

I hope this is good enough.
Cheers and safe trading!


Ok here it comes my, also for Tesla

lalala 1.png


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Binance coin was fun to trade today. Scalping

I don't have a crypto set up but I would love to have that set up you got posted for grinding poker games.

I am swingtrading my ENG and ETH holdings on Binance. Both are nice, but I am aiming for (and have) a much larger position of ETH than ENG.

I bought a position on the lower line some weeks ago. Yesterday my alarm was hit and I sold that position of my ENG at around .0035.

I then put a buy order of half the sold at the upper line which was roughly 10 % lower which has now been filled. I will either rebuy the rest at the lower line or simply place a stop at around the current level and let it ride down.

If we go above, I will not stop in but simply accept that I ended up with more ENG and ETH than I had before this trade.

There you go!! :D !! Im swing trader on stocks !!!

I just received a generous reward from the bounty. Thanks a lot @knircky, I'm very grateful!