Bitcoin Fomo at work

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If you are like me, you may be a little surprised by the recent strength of Bitcoin and how it keeps going on.

One of the reasons is that the media is now generating more and more good news and creating Fomo.

Today as I check the apple news this picture emerges.


You can see lots of mainstream media reporting about the price and some others explaining how bitcoin works.

This creates several things:

The price talk creates FOMO. People start to understand that they could be missing the boat. So many headlines how btc has doubled this year and is the best performing asset.

This is now everywhere on the big media outlets, such as CNBC and CNN.

At the same time we have many explain bitcoin. This creates trust. It also shows that others are adopting it.

So the media is currently really helping with the adoption. Of course it should have done this when price was 3200, but that’s just not how the media works.

the good news

Good news is good news. Because this is bringing bitcoin closer to the masses, creates adoption and makes people understand.

This is ultimately another fundamental aspect that makes me believe further in the bull case. The strength we see is exactly what rings in a new bull market.

Be careful however, we are do for a rebound. And when that happens sentiment can shift. It is also possible we will see lower lows, though I find that less likely.

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Higher highs and lower lows thus the continuouse cycle of crypto.

Hello @knircky, very good information leave us here, thanks for sharing.

the good news
Good news is good news. Because this is bringing bitcoin closer to the masses, it creates adoption and makes people understand.

Those are good news, as they say out there, cryptography is the future and these are tangible signs that we are moving in the right direction and that adoption is growing, there is still a lot left for a massive adoption but we are doing well.

Be careful however, we are for a rebound. And when that happens, sentiment can shift. It is also possible that we will see lower lows, though I find that less likely.

I truly believe that BTC is reaching a point where fluctuations and rebounds will not be that great.

Thanks friend, take care.


Thank you!

I was actually more interested by the news on Grin receiving 50 BTC donation for development. I'm not hell bet on privacy but I do think it is important. I was unsure about what would happen with Grin as it is a very recent coin. God to see things going well. Thanks for the screenshot. I discovered some extra good news because of it.

As for BTC price, I've just had enough. Good projects will eventually rise to he top. So HODL and never invest with your lunch money. that's the point I'm in my life now. Timing markets is waaaay too difficult for me. But I do think we are probably close to the end of the bear market now :)

Im not fomo but wonder why steem is taking a beating. I really believe that when the "dumb" money starts to fomo into btc that it will tumble hard and the alts will have a push. I'm just wondering when it's steem's turn. It never seems to happen.

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Next time post this in the telegram group, that we we can respond quicker.

The issue is your URL, Algo does not understand steempeak. We will refund you and hope you send a new transaction


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