Quick BTC update 27.06.18

in btc •  5 months ago

Emergency UPDATE 29.06.18: BTC is about to make a new low. Bulls lost, still no one is buying.


We saw 5 days of ZERO volatility and now the next wave down has started.

Bulls are expected to show up now. Yellow wave 2 hit the .618 correction target perfectly.


If they fail, get ready for the next drop.

image (5).png
If you think this to be useful information:
image (5).png
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Germany deserved to lose. Worst team of this tournament...


End of a generation I guess.

I am holding tight and be ready for both ways :-))

Hopefully, you are right and we will see a bull run here.
Stability is showing that :)

Great. Hope we will see more positive in coming days. Wishing good luck to butcoin and steem dollars.

If it is expected for a bull run may it run fast..Let's see what happened?

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Here is what I see:


Bearish perspective seen from my window. Just my 2 cents, no price target on purpose. What do you think?


Maybe, but that exact same pattern could be a bullish leading diagonal in this case as well ^^. Need more price data.


Quite a few people are expecting a bounce to around 7k then huge plunge to roughly 5k..
See that as a potential as well?


Yes, if it is a simple ABC correction (3 waves up), it could start dropping anywhere from 6400 - 6900.


I guess only time will tell.
Thanks again for the analysis

Hey man! I'm doing portrait for people, and i would like to make you one! But, i don't have a face to work on. If you're interested you can send me a picture, and i will be glad to make you one!
Have a great day, i hope the market recover soon -_-