Quick BTC morning update 11.05.18

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This morning the waves show a potential for blue wave 2 being in progress already! That's great, because it means blue wave 3 is soon to follow.

@haejin already hinted at blue wave 2 completing the right shoulder of this giant iSHS pattern. Go check it out on his page.

This is my primary count now:


If this is correct, the buying zone is in the range of 8,400 - 8,000$.

In only a few days, we could see the new uptrend showing us what it is capable of... The blue wave 3 target is a minimum of 14,000$... Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Here is a quick SBD update:


UPDATE 2: We landed in my buying zone. Wave C could be done already, but down to 8000 would fit better. Awaiting confirmation before next post.

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Good stuff. I’ve heard Charlie Shrem state that May will be the last time btc is below 10k.


Let’s hope he is right.

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Really excited right now, btc is bring down my fave Alts and soon hopefully will hit some great entry prices!!!!

this post is very helpful, very good work.@ew-and-patterns

Can't wait for the new uptrend and bull run!!! I expect so much from the month of May for BTC and alts.

Wooo good job ....
Nice post 👍👍👍👍👍

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We are short before the buying zone at the moment $ 8,788.484 I hope your right and it goes back up to 14K in the next few days :)

June month is going to be great

So far you are on point! I have seen many others with the same prediction of a bull run coming!

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Great information.

hey EW&P I think you said in an earlier post you wil be buying more sbd at these levels. are you?

Not yet, because the new count suggests under 2 dollars. But I am prepared to buy more soon.

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