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RE: Play Games and Earn Money at the BROsino!

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casino ... lol that's a first on blockchain-gaing but good ... the more the merrier i suppose, what's the incentive to buy STEEM for players ? How do you sustain the site ? Where do you get the STEEM to divide? You don't have to spill the trade secrets if you don't want ofcourse. If it doesn't require my steemkeys i'll probably sign up and see for myself sometime :) guiltyparties , the moral judges into gambling ... well well ...okay n/m , good, nice...
stuff gets done, that's always a good thing
stuff with incentive is always a better thing
stuff with incentive that requires dollars from the outside probably the best thanks for sharing


Did you have a stroke while writing that comment ?

...what's the incentive to buy STEEM for players ?

Players don’t need to buy anything. The games are 100% free to play. All you need to do is sign up, start playing, and earn some crypto. No tricks, no gimmicks, no ponzi scamming.

How do you sustain the site ?

With servers and databases that we pay for.

Where do you get the STEEM to divide?

From a variety of sources, as mentioned in the post. Also from my witness rewards and post rewards from official BROSGN posts.

If it doesn't require my steemkeys...

It does not. Just sign up with an e-mail address and create your own password.

When my mom dropped by one day I had her try it as she's is or was into gambling for years, she said the games suck.

Well, this isn’t a site for “gambling,” so I imagine gamblers wouldn’t think it’s ideal.

These are free games that anyone can play with absolutely zero risk. And in the course of playing these free games, there’s an opportunity to win STEEM and earn BAT. If you want to gamble, there are plenty of places to do that. You’re not likely to come out ahead.

Interesting, noble cause to do this and rather unusual. Hope it works out, gave an upvote :)